Authors Spotlight: Isabelle Kenyon (poetry)

This is Not A Spectacle by Isabelle Kenyon

fly on wall

The chapbook explores our diverse society, exploring taboo subjects, people and events which, in turn, repulse and intrigue us.

‘THIS IS NOT A SPECTACLE’ is the first anthology from Fly on the Wall Poetry.

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Inspiration for This is not a Spectacle:

The title of my first chapbook comes from an incident I witnessed on St Peter’s Square in Manchester. An epileptic homeless man was suffering a seizure. A group of people gathered – most were not worried.

They branded him a drunk:


Brands him lame, unfit for purpose;

Leaves him to bleed.”

Myself and my Mum were on the phone to the ambulance team who arrived very quickly. Even they mentioned he would be out on the streets again by that evening – no beds.By the majority of people there, that man was treated as a spectacle, and not a person, because of his status, or lack of, in society.

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on 26 September 2017
THIS IS NOT A SPECTACLE by Isabelle Kenyon is a chapbook that penetrates deep into the social psyche through the textual augmentation of its words and themes.
The opening poem ‘billows’ with stayed emotions of love and of loss. The focus is loss and the relative isolation of the ‘I’ since that time, which is translated through the architecture of the poem:

‘…Green Light/Green-so you walked, flew, crumbled,/broken but you/Only wanted to talk about me,/…’

The poems relating to the everyday experience of being a woman are signposted via the rhetoric of objectification and submission using text to shout out and Kenyon is unafraid to challenge political language and badge wearing:


All these poems are demarcated for dramatic impact and make use of linguistic connotations, the choreography of meaning, which opens the potential of the poems to renew each time they are read.
The collection is moreover a eulogy to Kenyon’s grandmother and pays tribute to the politics she believed in and the private issues that punctuated her life: war, disaffection, disability, age, feminism, poverty, equality and the environment.
The typography within this chapbook lends itself to visual display and offers further potential to expand and unpack the headline themes.
A worthy and promising collection.

Debbie Walsh MA

on 1 October 2017
A perfect read to cosy-up with and enjoy revisiting time and time again. Kenyon beautifully reveals fragility, vulnerability and also wonders in her world and ours. In particular her new slants on contemporary issues such as our changing climate got me thinking! It’s thought- provoking but definitely allows time for some quiet reflection.
A collection of fine works with something for everyone- a real treasure!
on 17 September 2017
A collection of thought-provoking and heartfelt poems with a clever use of vivid imagery and metaphorical language. Definitely a writer to look out for!


About the author: Isabelle Kenyon

fly on wall bio
I am a young poet based in Greater Manchester. I have enjoyed writing poetry for the past seven years and I’m excited to present my first mini anthology to you.
My poems have published in poetry anthologies such as the Inkyneedles anthology, the Great British Write Off, the Wirral festival of Music, Speech and Drama, The Tiny Tales anthology and the Festival of Firsts, as well as achieving third place in the Langwith Scott Award for Art and Drama.

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