Authors Spotlight: M.L.Ruscsak

The New Reign (An Of Lite and Darke Novel) (Volume 1) by M..L.Ruscsak Eighteen years ago, Princess Nisha became an orphan just days after her birth. Her parents and all of those with Fey blood all gone. All consumed by a fire that none had been able to stop. Or at least this is what […]

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Authors Spotlight: P.C.Wharton

Smoke and Mirror by P.C.Wharton After over a decade of absence, Madden Somers returns to his small home town, now a successful musician. In fact, as he has just revealed to the world, he is two famous musicians, a male rocker and a female pop star. He returns to a childhood crush that was never […]

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Writerdmayalls Authors Spotlight

If you wish to view Featured Authors click here. Hi and welcome to my Authors Spoltight The main purpose of this blog  is to help authors from all genres promote their work. It is a free and genuine blog that works upon a simple principle. I promote you and your work and in return; you […]

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