New Poetry by D Mayall

The Doll’s Dress

cat in dress


She pleads; watering eyes wide – sapphire blue,


I didn’t do it, daddy!


It just wasn’t me.

You said, “I would be in big trouble!”

And, “Sent to bed without tea!”




So, I know this looks bad,


She said, with sticky tape in hand,

And the knocked over vase,

Which just wasn’t planned.


It just wasn’t me!


Water drips from the table,

It puddles on the mat,

As she points at two petrified eyes

Of the big furry cat.


I know you said, “Not to!”


But I just wanted to see,

If the cat would look cute

Dressed prettily.


So I took from my dolly,

A nice pretty dress,

But it wouldn’t stay on!

The cat was too wriggly – I guess?


So I decided – sticky tape,

Was best!

That would soon do the trick,

But she wouldn’t sit still,

And the tape; just would not stick!


The cat clawed at the curtains,

And jumped off its rail.

She meowed,

And she hissed,

And hit the vase,

With her tail.


So you see Daddy?

Hands-on-hips, a matter-of-fact sort of way,

As she tries to explain,

And thinks what to say.


It’s the silly cat’s fault!

She says, defiant her stance,

It should have sat still,

Then the vase would not be broken,

The water – not spill.


We wouldn’t have any of this,

And she points to the mess!

If that big furry fuss bag,

Had just worn my doll’s dress.


A Poem by David Mayall

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