Indigo Sky.

indigo sky

Indigo Sky.

Each night that I peer,

Across The indigo sky,

While darkness creeps forward,

I ask myself why.


Mistakes throughout life,

The misguided trust,

Shattered loyalties of friendships,

Could certainly thrust.


Thrust down amongst demons,

A world of despair,

Where life’s twisted in turmoil,

With no-one to share.


To share moments in life,

Good times and bad,

To smile when I’m happy,

To cry when I’m sad.


I watch as the stars,

Ignite into view,

And fill up,

More with questions than answers,

It’s confusingly true.


Then I look all around me,

The answers are there,

From the riches of family,

Plus others who care.


And just like the night,

The darkness will fade,

Slowly replaced the,

Orange, red, violet parade.


A majestic beauty,

The soft warming glow,

Of an early dawn sunrise,

Attempting to show.


To show how lucky I am,

To have someone so dear,

And hold something so precious,

It all becomes clear.


The next time I may question,

Or ask myself why,

I will look up to the heavens,

And smile at,

The Indigo sky.

By David Mayall.