Pelican Bay.

Beyond an abyss of a fantasy,
Throughout the mists of a dream.
Inside the chasm’s of darkness,
It’s unlike nothing you’ve seen.
A place full of torment!
Of torture and pain,
A world of locked doors,
And a rattle of chain.

A place without contact,
Away from a world that you live,
Devoid of humanity,
Or friendship to give.
A place beyond hope,
Without all human right,
In a square concrete box,
No end in sight.

To demonize the soul,
Incarcerate and enslave.
Within the land of the free,
And the home of the brave.
Isolated from contact,
We keep ourselves strong,
To fight a just cause,
And to right all of this wrong.

Imagine this world,
It’s the one where I live,
Denied close touch from family,
And the love that they give.
Through pacifist actions,
I fight to deserve,
A right as a human,
It’s mine to preserve.

And although the days dwindle,
Life’s time near gone,
I fight to the end,
Until last breath is undone.
So read through these lines,
It’s true what they say,
Beyond an abyss of a fantasy,
Pelican bay.

By David Mayall