In Many Forms

Beauty comes in many forms,
From a scented rose shrouded in thorns,
To the warming glow of each morning sun,
And all the colors it bathes upon.

The silvery glow of a midnight moon,
And the majestic music,
From the night-time tune.
Spreads throughout the heavens to reach afar,
Each twinkling light,
Of each shining star.

A new born baby’s needful cry,
The stressed out parents wondering why.
And their panic to know that all is well,
Wishing, if only,
Their tiny love could tell.
To a beauty displayed from a mothers touch,
And her selfless giving,
Of love so much.

We fill our lives with needless things,
But are we thankful,
The false happiness this brings?
And if you take, only, one minute to see,
You would discover the same Beauty
That’s surrounding me.
Is surrounding you and everyone.
So have that minute before it’s gone.

Breathe in the perfume of a summer’s day,
Or admire the snowflake on its wintery display.
The Lightning to dance’s across a cloud,
With thunderous music that plays so loud.
A pitter patter of fine raindrops,
Into the magnificent deluge,
Before it stops.

There’s nothing more wondrous!
When you stop to think,
Of the beauty displayed each time you blink.
From our challenging world,
Under a sun that warms,
We find,
Beauty is found,
In many forms.

By David Mayall