Authors Spotlight: Giselle Marks.

The Fencing Masters Daughter by Giselle Marks. Edward, Earl of Chalcombe, walking home, is attacked by footpads. He attempts to defend himself but is bludgeoned to the ground. Death seems inevitable when a fat ugly man carrying a stick and a beautiful slender young lady appear. The young lady stumbles and picks up his dropped […]

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Authors Spotlight: Dean Mayes.

The Recipient by Dean Mayes. Casey Schillinge is a vivacious young woman on the verge of making her mark on the world. While backpacking, she is struck down by a tropical disease and suffers cardiac failure. But at the eleventh hour, Casey receives a life-saving heart transplant and a rare second chance to begin again. […]

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Authors Spotlight: Wally Runnels

Twisted Love by Wally Runnels. Twisted Love. Everyone needs redemption at some point in their lives… Archaeologist Julietta Anguilar makes the find of a lifetime when she discovers a hidden chamber under the ruins of the Templo Mejor in the heart of Mexico City. But Julietta’s obsession with the past also has a dark side […]

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