New Poetry by D Mayall

The Doll’s Dress   She pleads; watering eyes wide – sapphire blue,   I didn’t do it, daddy! Really, It just wasn’t me. You said, “I would be in big trouble!” And, “Sent to bed without tea!”   OK!   So, I know this looks bad, Daddy! She said, with sticky tape in hand, And […]

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Authors Spotlight: K. L. Thorpe

Nature’s Window The Awakening by K.L.Thorpe Betrayal, Lust, Murder, Justice. Your destiny is not decided at birth. It’s determined by the people you meet throughout life’s journey. Kurt Anderson is charismatic, charming, a womaniser, and is driven by greed. Tormented throughout his childhood, by the tragic death of his parents. A London business trip entitles […]

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