My Lost Puzzle Piece.

puzzle piece

My Lost Puzzle piece

My love was lost, as I grew old,

Its fires dwindled, my heart grew cold.

Having searched in vain, for someone to care,

To gradually slip, toward solemn despair.

Perhaps I’m cursed, unlucky the soul,

Only happiness in love,


My only goal.


So closely together,

We nearly missed,

Its radiance of beauty,

So sweet and so crisp.

We would sit here for hours,

Time flew as we spoke,

Whilst confiding our fears,

Of our hearts that were broke,


Blinded by closeness,

And failing to greet,

Wings fluttering inside us,

Hearts skipping their beat,

We laughed and we joked,

Of love we both missed,

Drawing closely together,

Then finally we kissed.


Sparks grew with their passion,

Fires rekindled ignite,

Loves embers start glowing,

Ferocious and bright.


Now we stand here united,

Together as one,

While days dwindle past slowly,

Until finally gone.

The piece I was missing,

My true Golden Fleece,

The one and my only,


My lost puzzle piece.


By David Mayall