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Hi and welcome to my Authors Spotlight

The main purpose of this blog  is to help authors from all genres promote their work.

It is a free and genuine blog that works upon a simple principle. I promote you and your work and in return; you promote me and my work.

So who am I?


OK, well this is me; Dave Mayall.

I am a  family man with aspirations of becoming a first class writer. (Only time will tell if this happens.) And, like so many of you I have been writing all my life but, never had the courage to become published. I gained the confidence and support off my loving wife who continues to encourage me and I began working on my debut novel some seven years ago.

One day a thought occured to me. How can I market my work if nobody has any idea who I am?

The more I delved into this little conundrum, the more it became obvious to me. There are so many writers out there in the world who are in exactly the same situation. So with this in mind, I decided to help to gain an audience for fellow writers and in return I would gain an audience for myself.

And the idea for my Authors Spotlight page was born!

It is a simple idea and completly cost free. I am willing to give my time and commitement to help a worthy cause.  If you would like to join in? Then please email me and use the subject heading Authors Spotlight.

Email: d.mayall@live.co.uk

Many Thanks,


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