Holding Me


Holding Me.

I gazed on the North, the place we first met,

Then glanced across to the East, my life of regret,

Peered down towards the South, my lonely heart I give,

And stared over the West, so my love shall re-live.


The Northerly gales blew, merging two souls as one,

A Westerly breeze whispered, our fears were all gone,

As Southerly squalls raged, hot passion of wild fires,

So Easterly winds rushed, as a new life transpires.


We braced out the North, against the changes we greet,

Held fast in the East, each challenge complete,

Under South’s passionate storm, we gave up our fight,

Embers caressed by the West, so our love we ignite.


Steered by life’s compass great journeys take place,

Some  joys that we share, other hardships we face,

But one thing remains true, your heart beats as mine,

Eternally together and our souls entwine.


So remember my love, with the direction we sail,

May it be gentle and soft, or a turbulent gale?

And no matter how rough or calm life can be,

We will journey together,

Just you,

Holding me.

By David Mayall