Tips For Writers

How to Get Started With Writing a Book 1. Think about what you can give up Nobody can “find” time to write. Spare time doesn’t exist. You have to make it. Which usually means giving something else up. Sleep, TV, internet browsing, your lunch break, it could be anything. But this is the first thing […]

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Authors Spotlight: Lynne Morley

Finding Thomas Dames by Lynne Morley “Finding Thomas Dames” is the true story of an ancestor, who as a child had turned to a life of petty crime to survive the grim streets of inner Nottingham. He was caught by the law many times and called an “Incorrigible Rogue” and “A vagabond.” He was sentenced […]

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More Useful Tips

Six Unusual Tips For Every Writer 1. Read A LOT Read widely and voraciously until you’ve read so much your brain runs out of space for all the words and you’re so invigorated your own story practically writes itself. 2. Study your influences Who’s your favourite author? If you’re anything like us you don’t understand […]

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Useful Tips For Writers pt1.

Personality Traits: Building a Balanced Character Posted on January 7, 2015 by Angela Ackerman If writing the Positive Trait & Negative Trait Thesaurus books have taught me anything, it is that compelling characters are neither good nor bad, perfect or fundamentally flawed. Instead, they are all of these things. Each has a set of good, […]

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