Authors Spotlight : Tanya Jeal

Trophy Hunting by Tanya Jeal   Rachel and Jessica are nine & ten with love for life. One day they came across big game hunters enjoying their killing sport. Knowing that this is wrong, the two girls must do everything in their power to punish them. Trophy Hunting, It’s A Killing Business: Uplifting YA Novel […]

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Authors Spotlight: Luna Miller

Three Days In September by Luna Miller (translation by Aidan I sherwood) New Swedish crime writer Luna Miller’s debut novella translated. A contemporary adult relationship drama. The desires, dreams and fears of six lives collide when a stranger comes to town. Are they willing to face their fears to chase their dreams or will they […]

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Authors Spotlight: Kimberly Grell

Moonlight Masquerade by Kimberly Grell The Haywood family has just received an invitation to the Hartrich family Masquerade Ball. Upon accepting the invite, the Haywood’s add a plus one to their RSVP, Victoria. Victoria is loved greatly by the Haywood’s and is treated like a daughter even though there is no blood relation. Will Victoria […]

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