Dandelions Puff.


Dandelions Puff

Love drifts in the breeze,

Like a dandelions puff,

Its Peaceful serenity,

Gentle yet tough,

Like sun’s yawning approach,

It displaces the night,

Reaches out too your soul,

Iridescent and bright.


It pierces within,

Encircles your core,

Flips over your stomach,

Sparks the nerve endings raw,

Pulses with strength that sweeps like the tide,

A tsunami of power,

That swells out your pride.


But its gentle caress,

As bodies entwine,

Unleashes the hurricane,

And tsunami’s Devine.

The hurricane, so brutal,

It snatches control,

Unforgiving its fury,

Can eat up your soul.

So dark and foreboding,

It’s twisted with fear,

Eclipse by loves torment,

Against all you hold dear.


Deep passion’s its power, the heart of the fire,

A longing for lust, of blissful desire.

With its whispering caress,

So gentle, so soft,

To open your heart and hold it aloft,


Demanding its power,

Love opens your dream.

But great care must be taken,

Loves not all it may seem,

Do not be misguided, careless or rough

When love drifts in the breeze,

Like a dandelions puff.