Authors Spotlight: B.M.Griffin

Loving Her Scars by B.M.Griffin Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scared in more ways than one. Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla as long as he can remember. He […]

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Authors Spotlight: Giselle Marks

The Marquis Mistake by Giselle Marks This is the second book in the world of the Charrington Chronicles, in which old friends from The Fencing Master’s Daughter might be met again. Devastatingly handsome Sebastian, Marquis of Farndon, awaits a lady, a present from his best friend Stephen for his thirtieth birthday. Alicia Lambert fleeing from […]

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Authors Spotlight: Giselle Marks

Princess of Zenina (The Zeninan Saga Book 1) by Giselle Marks Princess Marina, who is on a hunting expedition to the Royal reserve, Planet Qu, rescues a group marooned by pirates. They are protected only by a one-armed, disgraced, former Markaban officer, Major Heneran Bromarsh. The Zeninan race has many abilities most humans do not […]

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Authors Spotlight: M.J.Umland

Willow Lake by M.J.Umland Some secrets are better left buried “A race to the end murder mystery with a twist.”  Follow Sage’s story… The journey has just begun. The rise to fame only masks the pain of heartbreak. It’s rooted in our dreams and follows us wherever we go. Sage thought moving to Manhattan and […]

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Authors Spotlight: Lesley Wilson

Oric and The Lockton Castle Mystery by Lesley Wilson Lockton Castle, a four day ride from Bayersby Manor, is in the grip of an epidemic. Concerned that the disease will spread if left unattended, Sir Edred sends young Apothecary Oric to administer to the sick. Upon his arrival at the castle, Oric fears that something […]

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Authors Spotlight: Kelly Bedford

A Light In The Dark by Kelly Bedford Hearing the Voices of the dead is something Gracie Charles has endured her entire life. When the power grid suddenly fails across the globe, she finds herself alone and facing a dark and dangerous journey through an unforgiving landscape, in hopes of finding sanctuary with friends who […]

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Authors Spotlight: Derek Wilson

Thomas Treviot Tales : The First Horseman by D.K.Wilson Fact In the pre-dawn of a misty November morning, Thomas Packington, one of London’s leading citizens, was shot and killed as he made his way across Cheapside to attend early mass. No-one was ever brought to book for this crime, the earliest assassination with a firearm […]

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