Love’s Warning To All


Loves Warning To All.

The chilling howl screams,

As it whips through the trees,

From broken men cursed,

As they fall to their knees.


Soul’s cold, hearts shattered,

A lost love strikes deep,

Forsaken, left twisted,

A mangled heap.


Unfaithful the demon, lost souls will devour,

Jealous its torment, tainted and sour.

It freezes the heart, solid, cold as stone,

Pierces the core, weak and alone,

But a wayward spirit flies,

Unloved, frightened, lost,

To risk her sweet love, whatever the cost.


Your warmth caresses, I open my eyes,

Such gentle love and my heart replies,

Its radiant beauty, its graceful flare

A unity of life, we choose, we share.


This bond is my shield,

Our love is my sword,

Defeating loves demons, the dejected horde,

The screams of man broken,

When they sink to their knees,

Loves warning to all,

As it whips through the trees.

By David Mayall