Poetry: Jake


My vision becomes blurry,

Eyes sting through my tear,

I hear your meow,


Dream you are near.


Upon the conservatory roof,

Where you, once, used to sit,

Dusted by the silver of moonlight

Silhouetted soft lit,


Such a short little life,

You were here, but now gone,

Your eternal adventures,

You now travel upon.


But why did you leave us,

Life cut, so short,

Your final departure,

Set sail from this port.


We peer through the vapours

Gaze into the mists,

We search for our closure,

For sure, you are missed.


I often see you, heavenly angel,

I think,

Dance through my periphery of vision,

But gone when I blink.


Your remembered lost friend,

So play happily,

As We fill with warm fondness,

From your sweet memory.


Finally it’s time to let go,

So we reluctantly sigh,

Goodbye sweet little Jake,

We love you,



In memory of our beloved cat, “Jake.”