Authors Spotlight Lesley Wilson

Oric and the Web of Evil (book 3) by Lesley Wilson


After years of seeking his identity, Oric finally discovers who he is. He reluctantly claims his inheritance and moves into Lockton Castle. Mentor Ichtheus, and friends Ned, Joe, and Josh accompany Oric on an epic adventure. They tackle near insurmountable odds whilst helping Oric to rebuild his family estate. Countryfolk in the nearby village of Skelgut remain surly and uncommunicative, concerned that the new occupant of Lockton Castle might be another tyrant landowner. Several hilarious confrontations occur between Oric and resident fortune teller and would-be herbalist, Lornika Fentwhistle. Joffrey, son of Lockton Castle’s former illegal tenant, seethes over his father’s death at the hands of Sir Edred of Bayersby. Determined to wreak revenge upon Sir Edred and reclaim what he deems to be rightfully his, Joffrey spreads a web of evil that encompasses both Bayersby Manor and Lockton Castle. He captures and imprisons ladies’ maid, Dian, intending to use her as a bargaining tool. Familiar characters from books one and two gather together to support Oric in a bid to rescue his beloved Dian.

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About The Author Lesley Wilson

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Lesley Wilson was born in North Yorkshire, UK and educated at St Martin’s preparatory School Grimsby, Lincolnshire, Mill Hill School, Middlesbrough, and Pickering’s Commercial College, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire. She completed a course in Journalism with the London School of Writing, and has been an active member of a writers’ group in Australia.
In 1957, she met a young man on holiday in Italy. A whirlwind courtship followed before he joined the British Army. Fifteen months and hundreds of letters later, Lesley, aged seventeen, boarded a troop ship bound for Singapore, where she married the love of her life. She worked as a fashion model in Singapore for two years before returning to the UK. A three year posting to Germany with her husband followed.
Returned to the UK after her husband left the army, Lesly worked as Girl Friday for a well-known racing driver/motor dealer. She underwent training in London at Helena Rubinstein’s London Salon, and worked thereafter as a consultant for five years. Her other careers have included ownership of a sauna and health studio, and market research, which involved many miles of driving throughout N. Yorkshire in all kinds of weather.
In 1982 she migrated to Australia with her husband and small son. She ran a craft shop for several years in which she manufactured all the items for sale. During this time she was also a volunteer in a Maritime Museum. Hunting wrecks off the coast of North Queensland became an absorbing a hobby, and she helped to rescue an ancient, decommissioned lighthouse for the city in which she lives.
Today she is retired and enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. She is also a member of an active quilting group who involve themselves in charitable endeavors from time to time. She reads and reviews books for other authors but writing is her major passion. When she isn’t glued to the computer keyboard she loves to travel, entertain friends, and work in her large garden in N. Queensland.

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Lesley Wilson

Oric and the Alchemist Key (book 1) click here


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