My Little Glass Heart.

Piece by piece you made a start,
So fragile, so delicate, it fell apart.
You gathered each close, to not be undone,
Matching each piece then making it one.
Your love shone through helping you find,
Each solitary piece you were able to bind.
A gift was given, a promise you made,
To keep safe and protect from life’s shattering blade.
True to your word you were able to guard,
Your persistence and patience fastened each shard.
My heart is yours you are its glue,
Held strongly together in love pure and true.
Hold on to this gift, so precious I give,
Forever is yours and our love will live.
You are my love, my life, my best friend,
Once shattered and broken it will never re-mend.
Protected inside, the passion you start,
So fragile, so delicate,
My little glass heart.

By David Mayall