Our entwined soul.

entwined soul_crop

My darling girl, my bride to be,

Our lives we’ll share for eternity.

To find true love our only goal,

Our hearts entwined to complete our soul.


Your warm touch, your sensual kiss,

Fills my heart with heavenly bliss.

I feel you with me, inside my core,

Gripping each sense, unlocking each door.


I would break down walls,

And smash through doors,

I would give my life to stay part of yours.


Each beating pulse that our hearts push,

Pumps our love, a tremendous rush.

So when were apart, I’m always near,

Within your heart close and dear.


Never be lonely and never do miss,

Remember my touch embrace and kiss.

Our bond grows stronger each passing day,

So precious and strong and will never stray.


No matter what problems life may throw,

What challenges we face, that we do not know.

To forever unite our eternal goal, facing hardships together,


Our entwined soul.

By David Mayall