My Garden of Eden

enchanted mushroom

My Garden of Eden.

A lyrical tune of the skylark’s song,

Its majestic beauty as it carries along,

The whispering breeze, in the summertime sun,

Awakens the day that it shines upon.


A humble honey bee, its methodical dance,

Between petunia petals, a harmonious trance.

Butterflies warmed, their translucent show,

Fluttering candescent beauty,

Upon the garden patio.


This peaceful serenity within a world we all share,

Taken for- granted, Quite Often,

Forgotten it’s there.

From the chirrupy chirp of the bright golden beak,

Unannounced as the Blackbird lands,

Upon the old wooden heap.


To the skulking tabby cat who knows it is there,

Licks at her lips, while stalking eyes stare.

I look over this kingdom,

Just what have I done?

To deserve such radiant beauty,

To be blessed, have it bestowed upon?


You see!


This is the gift you give me,

As I gaze upon you,

Your soft golden hair, you calmly subdue.

I would be blind to its peace,

Tranquillity of freedom,

Without the love that we share,


My Garden of Eden.

(For my Ellie, who guides my path!)

By David Mayall.