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Heroine of Zenina Book 2 of the Zeninan Saga by Giselle Marks

heroine zen

Heroine of Zenina

Princess Marina intends to compete in the Zeninan Games. Queen Kerina fears her own death approaches and dreads what will happen to Zenina if her daughter Plavina, Marina’s elder sister reigns. She believes Plavina is too weak and lazy to make a good Queen. She offers the throne to Marina who declines it. Colonel Bromarsh is examining Zenina’s files to reveal who framed him, what he finds implies the reasons for his court martial are far more sinister than even he thought. Marina indirectly pushes her slave Charles into staging a peaceful demonstration of slaves in Mermaid square before the sitting of the Imperial Council. Plots abound and co-ruler merman Crown Prince Neman publically crowns Marina with his own crown. At the culmination of the Games, Marina is declared heroine of the Games for having won the most florettes.

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About The Author Giselle Marks.


Giselle Marks is an English writer, poet and novelist, born in London, who has been writing in various forms most of her life. Currently Giselle lives in the beautiful Isle of Man. Her family is grown, contented and expanding. She spends most of her time writing.
Her books ‘The Fencing Master’s Daughter’ and ‘The Marquis’s Mistake,’ were published for a few months and received good reviews before the publisher folded. She was asked to contribute a Regency romantic novella to ‘The Chocolate House – All for Love,’ which is a charity anthology supporting GOSH, Great Ormond Hospital for Children based in London. Her novella is entitled ‘A Rose by Any other Name…’ With her fellow writer and cover artist Sarah J. Waldock, Giselle wrote and illustrated ‘Fae Tales’ an anthology of fae and mythic tales updated to modern times and intended for teenagers and adults. Both books are available. Links?
Following the republication of The Fencing Master’s Daughter she will be releasing the ‘Princess of Zenina,’ the first in the sci-fi / fantasy Zeninan Saga and ‘the Purchased Peer’, a Georgian Romance. She has also completed another Regency romance ‘A Compromised Rake’ and the first of a Regency gypsy series, ‘Jessica’s Tale – Book One, The Gypsy Countess series,’ although she is considering alternate titles.
The Zeninan Saga introduces Princess Marina, daughter of the reigning Queen of Zenina, a female dominated planet which protects a disparate empire in a dangerous universe. Marina seeks to avoid her destiny, but her decisions sometimes lead to greater problems.
Other long- term projects include a possible book of her poetry. Her poems have been published in Female First and she has entered two of their contests, scoring a win and a commendation. Giselle has had short stories published in a number of anthologies.
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