Poetry by Giselle Marks


Poetry Game

I have come to the sad conclusion,

I must hereby honestly confess,

I fear it is no mystic delusion

but it’s hard to be a poetess.

Now I know I can’t be compared

With The Poetess, Sappho of yore,

but please this needs to be shared

so let me tell you some more,

Now Sappho was very unlucky

Jealous men chose to burn her odes

I have no intention to get mucky

As Sappho walked alternate roads.

Poets need stratagems in today’s age

if they hope to ever make a splash.

Not just special words upon a page

when they want to grab some cash.

So carefully polish your erudite verse

if you must, but learn to talk the talk.

Kitsch is the key for better or worse,

Pose provocatively, do a funny walk.

Wear dreads, never comb your hair

Describe how you followed your muse

Your poems are good? People don’t care,

without glitz and showmanship you’ll lose!

Poetry don’t sell they will tell you

but if you make enough fuss

you might find fame will accrue

if you say fuck a lot and cuss.

If you’re white and have no accent

Of an ethnically interesting shore

Then hours of writing time spent

are nothing without gimmicks galore.

But if you can join the gravy train

of grants, then pundits will acclaim

that you as modern bard do reign.

So flaunt yourself, have no shame.

That is how you play the poetry game!