How it all Started

How I got started?

I have always had a natural ability to make up stories and this began to appear from a very young age.

I was born in 1972 at Solihull, West Midlands, England and I am the youngest of the family.

I still remember the countless hours, as a child, making models out of plastecine/ play-do and even blue tack. Creating elaborate, in depth stories using these models, each model had its own personality to become characters within my fictional world of play.

Perhaps now is as good a time as any to point out!

I come from a good hard working family background and both my parents provided for us, very well. I am the youngest of four, my poor mother blessed with four boys and we never went short.

This might seem a little dull, my apologies but please stay with me!

The point I’m trying to make is; I am lucky enough to come from a loving middle class and caring family.

So if we were financially secure…?  And… I didn’t want for anything?

And… as a child, I had the pick of a wide variety of toys/games, then why did I always choose to make and play with models?

I suppose the answer to this question is in the simple fact, that I loved creating stories!

Simply using my imagination, I formed all manner of in depth and intricate fantasies, but this is possibly how my troubles began!

My abilities for story telling began to affect my school life, I would make up elaborate excuses to my teachers, my parents, my adult peers and even my friends.

There was no reason for it, other than I wanted to see what stories I could make people believe … and as you can imagine, this began to lead me into trouble.

Being the youngest of four boys has its advantages, it taught me to take care of myself. I never suffered from bullying, I have always had the confidence to stand up for myself. I would beat on other children, if I was ridiculed about my stories, at this stage of my life my stories were just elaborate lies!

I’m not trying to portray I was an untouchable head-case, I was far from it, but I was very protective of the stories/ lies I told. I was never purposely naughty, throughout my childhood, however I seemed to be a magnet for trouble!

If there was anything new to try, then sure enough I would try it. Never once, did I consider the consequences to myself or others. I would add each new experience into my imagination library. So it is probably no surprise to find out, I became involved with drugs and the people surrounding them.

I began smoking weed (cannabis) at 16, outside my local youth club and as the weed fed my imagination my stories became more elaborate and strange!!! (Thankfully I wasn’t writing in those days).

Being around the 90’s scene, weed soon made way to acid (L.S.D), ecstasy, amphetamines and cocaine and their psychedelic effects fed my imagination further.

In these dark days I created many false friends, who always encouraged my drug taking, but the drugs took their toll!

My lies became outrageous and my mood-swings were uncontrollable until, one day, I was involved in an assault.

Finally forced to face the realities and truths of my actions, I received a 3 month custodial sentence. This devastated my Mother and Father but, thank god, they and my brothers stood by me and helped me through these times.

I was sent to a young offender’s prison and it was here when I discovered my first novel by Dean Koontz titled, “Lightning.” It fascinated me, so much so, after 1 week I had read the book and replaced it with another Dean Koontz novel. After the 2nd novel, I was addicted and reading became my new drug!

I went From Dean Koontz, to Stephen King and then to James Herbert plus many more and my search for great novels became relentless. I completed my custodial sentence and returned home. I had changed and instead of continuing within a life of crime, I turned my back to it.

I don’t believe it was the prison system that changed my ways!

However I do believe I owe the change, to a supportive family and my new drug called reading!

I vowed to never to go back to prison, and I have kept true to this vow, keeping myself away from trouble. This wasn’t easy, the whole trouble magnet thing didn’t help and it did take me a few years, but I managed to clean up my act. I got clear of the bad elements involved in my life and I gave up the many drugs twisting my mind.

Years have passed since those dark days and I am proud to say, I have a handsome son and a beautiful daughter! I have a stunningly beautiful wife who enthusiastically supports my writing and positively encourages me to continue.

I believe I owe all of this to, becoming lost within the world of fiction!

I enjoy horror, suspense, thrillers and crime and my writing genre/ style suits these themes best, however I will attempt anything.

I still enjoy telling fictional stories and have umpteen novel’s swimming around within the old grey matter, just waiting to be written.

I also enjoy reading and writing poetry and especially enjoy styles of poetry that hit the heart and inspires.

Do I wish for, someday becoming a well-known published writer?

The answer to that question is obviously YES!

Will I stop writing if that dream is never reached?


I will strive to become successful and perhaps one day, a young man or woman who loses their path, may pick up one of my novels and let it turn their life around towards the better, just like mine!

If it works for just one person, then this has all been worth it.

Thanks for visiting my page I hope you enjoy.



5 thoughts on “How it all Started

  1. Hi, Dave, I am so happy you turned your life around and that you have found your new drug of choice. You took a hard road to where you are now, so congratulations! I have a son who is in the middle of all that chaos and your story brings me a slice of hope, thanks.
    Your site is fabulous, and I am about to read through as much as possible in the time I have now but will be back for sure.
    My website is here.. should you ever find time to visit.
    Thanks again and good luck with the writing.


  2. Life is rarely the way we want it, and we might not predict how things will wind up or what will happen in life. What we have full control of, is the way we react and how we put things together to create something that works.
    Best wishes!

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