Authors Spotlight: Joseph Schrock

The Road to Harmony with God by Joseph Schrock


This book is the result of dedicated efforts to not only find what is most real and most vital for humans to strive toward, but to achieve an increasing harmony with a transcendent Reality that may be called God. The current book is an effort to express in understandable language the author’s convictions concerning important aspects of the road to harmony with the transcendent being we call God. There are almost innumerable religions and religious sects in our troubled world, whereby billions of human beings search for ways to find inner peace and tranquillity. Very often such endeavours encounter winding roads, numerous detours in the roads, and far too often major obstacles in our paths. This book seeks to serve as a general outline of how many among us might enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our walk on the road toward true harmony with Ultimate Reality (God). This book is emphatically not one that seeks to steer its readers toward financial wealth, or a life full of sensual and secular thrills, but it does give guidance toward an ever-growing inner peace, harmony, a sense of purpose, well-being, and joy. The book can be read with serious interest and appreciation by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, or those oriented toward New Age ideologies. Even some strict secularists might encounter in its pages some ideas worth considering. The book is essentially non-sectarian, nondenominational, and of potential interest to any seeker of a deeper spirituality and more rewarding growth toward ultimate reality, truth, and goodness.

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About the Author: Joseph Schrock

Joseph A. Schrock received a B.A. in philosophy from Mississippi State University (1987); he did coursework toward a B.A. in mathematics (also at MSU) and lacks 4 mathematics courses from completing that degree. The author has come to the conclusion that writing for publication, and further studies in mathematics, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion, etc. are the wisest kinds of endeavours for him to pursue in his search for knowledge, truth, and reality, as well as to seek to apply this education toward service to humanity. The author can be contacted at:

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