Authors Spotlight: Joseph Schrock

Metaphysics Reclaimed: How Religion and Science Can Be Partners by Joseph Schrock


While this book is written from the perspective of one who has faith in a Spiritual Realm, the book can be read with great interest by a strictly secular thinker. The general nature of philosophy and its value are discussed in the first chapter. Then immediately succeeding chapters discuss logic, mathematics, physics, a general approach to ontology, epistemology (the nature – and limits – of human knowledge), an outlook on cosmology, human and animal psychology, and the final 2 chapters pertain to human ethics and the Divine Reality. A book of this sort might well have the greatest appeal to philosophically inclined individuals, but anyone who is concerned about the modern tendencies toward a secular and scientifically-minded ethos being our arbiter of knowledge, truth, morality, value and other monumentally vital human concerns can (conceivably) gain insights into a sound basis for thinking rationally, intelligently, and (yes) spiritually.

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About the Author: Joseph Schrock

Joseph A. Schrock received a B.A. in philosophy from Mississippi State University (1987); he did coursework toward a B.A. in mathematics (also at MSU) and lacks 4 mathematics courses from completing that degree. The author has come to the conclusion that writing for publication, and further studies in mathematics, logic, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion, etc. are the wisest kinds of endeavours for him to pursue in his search for knowledge, truth, and reality, as well as to seek to apply this education toward service to humanity. The author can be contacted at:

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