Authors Spotlight: Karen Ankers

The Crossing Place by Karen Ankers

the crossing place

The Crossing Place is a dark-edged love story. Laura is frustrated with her mundane life, her boring job, and marriage to a man she no longer loves. But she does not expect things to change so dramatically and so suddenly. An accidental encounter with a homeless stranger leaves her shaken and confused, before a series of unsettling dreams disturbs her further and leaves her questioning her own sanity.

When Laura meets Paul Jayston, a handsome, charismatic past-life counsellor, she is very sceptical about his beliefs. When he suggests that her dreams might be memories of a past life, she insists there must be a rational explanation. One particularly difficult dream has her turning to Paul for help and advice, but when she is confronted by revelations about his past, Laura has to make a choice. Should she allow herself to be guided by the alternative world-view of a man with strange ideas and a questionable past, or should she try and deal alone with the unsettling things she keeps seeing?

When danger comes from an unexpected source, both Laura and Paul find themselves having to confront not only very real threats in the present, but also doubts and fears from the past.

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UK readers are calling the book “captivating”, “gripping”, “compelling” and “brilliant”.

Top customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
A compelling read
2 April 2018

Verified Purchase
This is such a good debut novel. It holds the attention, is imaginative, and has you caring for the characters. It brings in tough topical issues while also opening up the theme of past lives. The way its parallel stories interweave had me, at times, reading on fast to find out what happened next. A recommended read!


Grandma Sunshine
5.0 out of 5 stars
Not to be left on the shelf!
19 April 2018

It’s a long time since I read a book yearning to know the outcome but not wanting the story to finish. This is beautifully one of those.

5.0 out of 5 stars
A beautiful intriguing story
23 April 2018

I really can’t recommend this book enough, it’s a long time since I finished a book in one sitting, and had to stay up into the small hours because I couldn’t put it down. I got swept up and thoroughly enjoyed it, a beautiful beautiful story, extra impressive for a first novel, I love it.

5.0 out of 5 stars
the reader is gripped by a wonderful mix of mystery
3 April 2018

From the moment the central character, Laura, trips over a homeless man one cold February morning, until the poignant denouement in Chester, the reader is gripped by a wonderful mix of mystery, love story and alternative other world – a difficult mix of genres for any writer to pull off, but one Karen Ankers has managed with consummate ease.
Best known as a poet and playwright this is the writer’s first novel, but hopefully not her last: beautifully written, cleverly constructed, with believable characters and plot, plus a thought provoking subject. A truly remarkable read.

5.0 out of 5 stars
love and loss
31 March 2018

I could not put this book down until I had finished it! The plot is fast and cleverly interwoven with past lives entwined into the present. The characters are convincing and you want them to succeed, except the dark one of course. The story has it all: love and loss, crime and redemption, justice and hope. I hope Karen writes many more and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Plenty of food for thought in there.

About The Author: Karen Ankers

Lazy bee

Karen Ankers is a poet, playwright and novelist who lives in Anglesey, North Wales. Her poetry has appeared in many magazines and anthologies, and her poetry collection, One Word At A Time, is described by poet/performer Laura Taylor, as “a collection that shines with honesty and integrity”. Her one-act plays, published by Lazy Bee Scripts, have been performed in the UK, USA, Australia and Malaysia. Her first novel, The Crossing Place, was published in January and is currently receiving excellent reviews.

Karen teaches Creative Writing classes and is a regular performer at local spoken word events. Her poetry is often socially motivated and her plays attempt to give a voice to those who would otherwise have none. Her fiction tends to have more a supernatural edge. She is deeply influenced by the Welsh landscape and by the Celtic storytelling tradition.

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