Authors Spotlight: Mark Kirkbride

Satans Fan Club by Mark Kirkbride


Rebellious twins James and Louise meet a man while out for a night of fun who invites them to join a dangerous and exciting club. While they yearn to join Nick’s club and escape their staunchly religious upbringing, entrance requires they commit a crime tailored just for them. The twins find themselves trapped in a shadowy world they only half-believe is real and contemplating horrible acts that no sane person would consider. But sometimes the most fertile breeding ground for evil is innocence…

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Charles Bray

The story opens with the temptation of Satan’s Fan Club being dangled in front of clean living James. He quickly succumbs, only to learn that, as usual, things are rarely that easy and he is required to commit a certain crime as a form of initiation. And a pretty heavy crime at that.

Now this book illustrates psychological drama at it’s best. Nothing is as it seems, nothing makes immediate sense. The superficial isn’t really superficial at all. It’s stacked that way to fool you. Who? James? His twin sister? The reader?

Did James really murder his parents as requested, or was it a nightmare? It was a nightmare. But that’s not really the point. The point is he did want to. They stopped him getting in to Satan’s Club. And, in a way, so begins a journey of self discovery for James.

James’ parents are members of a charismatic Christian sect and his father is ‘the man in the pulpit’.

If you picture a normal adolescent’s struggle for independence against his parent’s restrictive control, you can probably multiply it tenfold in James’ case. He is constantly drip-fed dramatic quotes such as, “ …all liars will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur.” He takes a stance that is literally poles apart from his father’s. He doesn’t believe God exists. Of course it’s a secret stance. One to keep him warm until he can escape his hell and enter university. Certainly not one he is brave enough to broach with his father yet.

It’s against this backdrop that this startling psychological drama is played out.

Mark Kirkbride is a brilliant writer who has the ability to terrify the reader or lift him to a higher plane at will.

This is not a book you will forget easily and manages to fill up your senses.

Even though Satan’s Fan Club is not my favoured genre, I truly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

Juliet B Madison
James & Louise Glavier are twins. At a nightclub they meet a mysterious stranger named Nick who invites them to join Satan’s Fan Club. However the initiation task is somewhere disturbing. Meanwhile young women are being murdered and the police seem nowhere near to catching the killer. Things begin to spiral out of control as the murders get closer to home and startling truths emerge along with twisted desires, inappropriate relationships and a glance into the chasm of mankind’s capacity for evil. Mr Kirkbride has written a uniquely dark and twisted tale; compelling dialogue, off the cuff humour and dark imagery. The narrative flows as easily as day into night and makes a compelling read. I really hope to see more of this author in future; the promise delivered by the few chapters I read on Authonomy has been delivered in full. A great read.

“Mark Kirkbride’s debut novel, Satan’s Fan Club, explores territories only an experienced novelist would dare attempt. Utilizing a unique pair of protagonists, twins Louise and James, we ride along with them on their trip to ‘hell’ in this well-executed cross-genre thrill-ride. Equal parts horror, thriller, and dark fantasy, Satan’s Fan Club brags the writing skills and storytelling adeptness of a seasoned novelist, with the freshness of a strong new voice. I would urge any fan of cross-genre fiction to pick up a copy of this fine debut novel.” —Michael Laimo, author of Deep in the Darkness and Dead Souls

“Mark Kirkbride’s voice is refreshing, original and poetic as he tells the tale about twins named James and Louise. Satan’s Fan Club is tight, dark and wonderfully disturbing–and a treat for fans of dark fiction. A macabre celebration of imagination and some good old fashioned horror.” —Sandy DeLuca, Author of Messages from the Dead and Hell’s Door

“A smart, well-written, and eerie foray into the realm of psychological terror, Kirkbride’s novel will prove a joy for readers who wish to luxuriate in uniquely poetic language pitched starkly against a backdrop of unmitigated horror. Recommended!”
—Ronald Malfi, author of Floating Staircase

“Satan’s Fan Club is a powerful psychological crime chiller where fear stalks every page. Yet Mark Kirkbride is fearless in his portrayal of obsession and treachery. The darkest parts of the human heart. Definitely a writer to watch.” —Sally Spedding, Author of Cold Remains and Malediction

About The Author: Mark Kirkbride


Mark Kirkbride lives in Shepperton, England. His debut novel Satan’s Fan Club is published by Omnium Gatherum. His short stories can be found in Under the BedSci Phi Journal and Flash Fiction Magazine. His poetry has appeared in the Big Issue, the Morning Star, the Mirror and HWA chapbooks.

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