Authors Spotlight: P.C.Wharton

Smoke and Mirror by P.C.Wharton


After over a decade of absence, Madden Somers returns to his small home town, now a successful musician. In fact, as he has just revealed to the world, he is two famous musicians, a male rocker and a female pop star. He returns to a childhood crush that was never allowed to develop with his good friend Luke, now a record store owner. Luke is plagued by his troubled past, Madden by questions of his own identity. Can their love survive external repression along with internal demons?

Dark, passionate, gender queer, musical, and unlike any romance novel you’ve ever read, Smoke & Mirror introduces an unlikely but captivating couple who are destined for many more adventures.”

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About The Author P.C.Wharton


P.C. Wharton is a purveyor of darkness and smut. I hope you like my stories.
Find me on Twitter @PCWharton. Come talk to me about my books or anything else you’ve been reading, let me know if my writing meant something personal to you (or didn’t), ask a question, confess your crimes, shoot off a random insult…


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