Authors Spotlight: Luna Miller

Three Days In September by Luna Miller (translation by Aidan I sherwood)


New Swedish crime writer Luna Miller’s debut novella translated. A contemporary adult relationship drama. The desires, dreams and fears of six lives collide when a stranger comes to town. Are they willing to face their fears to chase their dreams or will they fall victim to desire?
With the best intentions in the world, streetwise, charmer Gabriel plans to lock himself away from temptations and get down to some serious art work in the house by the sea. But when fate sends him to a primitive cottage in the northern woods, he determines to make the most of this far-less-inspiring backwater.
However, remote Ludvika turns out to offer anything but peace and solitude. Gabriel soon becomes embroiled in a chain of events affecting the lives of almost everyone he encounters. Unlikely friendships, loyalty, love and hope intertwine with sex, violence and tragedy over three days in September that leave no one untouched.

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on 25 December 2016
I read this on a recent trip to Paris, a little gem of a book that fully enhanced my journey. About a man who seeks solitude and in doing so finds a place and its people and takes a different journey, with them. From the first page the internal imagery of a well written book began and lead me into the story and its characters with ease. It kept me there in that special place where only good literature can take you. At times a little shocking yet well executed! I will be delving into other works of this writer and encourage others to do the same.


About The Author: Luna Miller


Is it possible to introduce oneself despite using a pseudonym? I believe it is. A person is far more than a name, a job and an age. We are our dreams, our experiences and our feelings. These are what make us unique.

I am fortunate to inhabit three entirely different worlds. The first is my everyday. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and journeys to work. Responsibilities that intimidate. Dinners at friends’ who never just don’t know how much I care. Aggravation at work. Kids that make me cry with pride. Boring days. Sunny days. Sitting on my balcony. Days of heavy rain and exhaustion dragging me down. And all these days drift into one until suddenly along comes a day I’ll remember forever.

My second world is in all the books that I read. On my way to work on a bumpy, overcrowded train when I suddenly realize whodunnit. Or at home, under a blanket on the sofa, I imagine how it feels to long for the heartbeat of a lover. When I finally understand why orange is the new black. The amazing worlds other writers invite me into. Like when I searched for the dark rider of Mordor in The Lord of the Rings, terrified he would appear on the horizon. Each of these worlds as real as my own.

My third is the one I own, my world. And I am here to share it with you. The world my characters live, love, fight and screw up in. The loved and the infuriating, the characters that come from me but I can never be. Characters that go their own way but allow me to follow their adventures. Adventures that help me make sense of my first world.

I hope you choose to travel with me. To places you know and places you don’t. To meet people you’ve met and some you never want to. People you thought you didn’t know but you realise you did. Maybe I can shed some light. And help you understand, sympathize with and maybe, just maybe, forgive my characters.

Welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy it.


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