Authors Spotlight: Kimberly Grell

Moonlight Masquerade by Kimberly Grell


The Haywood family has just received an invitation to the Hartrich family Masquerade Ball. Upon accepting the invite, the Haywood’s add a plus one to their RSVP, Victoria. Victoria is loved greatly by the Haywood’s and is treated like a daughter even though there is no blood relation. Will Victoria go along with the Haywood’s or will she politely decline and miss the opportunity of a lifetime?

Moonlit Masquerade is a wild ride full of sensual foreplay, passion, and desire. Will you dance with the masked gentleman?

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Top Reviews

on September 3, 2017

Moonlit Masquerade is a short and not quite so sweet, novella from Kimberly Grell. Victoria has been invited to a masquerade ball, which she agrees to attend somewhat reluctantly, feeling such things to be rather artificial. She finds the perfect gown and the perfect mask and on the night of the ball, her eyes collide with those of a handsome stranger. Although a quick read, this is also fun and just a little bit steamy as Victoria’s evening unfolds in a most unanticipated fashion.

I do enjoy Ms Grell’s books, they are warmhearted romances with a clever story line and Moonlit Masquerade has all the qualities I’ve come to expect. Good job!

on September 14, 2017
This was a short, and sweet read. Victoria and Vincent seem to be the perfect match after meeting at the Masquerade ball. She entices Vincent in order to get his attention and it works wonders. Once their alone, their passion takes hold. I look forward to reading more from this Author.
on September 3, 2017

Short read that packs a passionate punch. I look forward to reading more by this author.

About The Author: Kimberly Grell

kimberley grell

Kimberly Grell is a mother to one child and currently resides in the sunny state of Florida. Kimberly writes a vast amount of poetry and romance that is satisfying and contains a great reread value. You can also find her on Twitter at the Twitter handle @KimmieLovesLife, Facebook under Kimberly Grell – Author Page and Instagram with the username BriansDisneyGal, where you can have a sneak peek into her professional life as well as a small portion of her personal life.

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