Authors Spotlight: Steve Conoboy

Macadamian Pliers by Steve Conoboy

Macadamian Pliers cover

Macadamian Pliers seems pleasant enough. After all, the Raines shouldn’t judge him because of his stitched shut eye, that twist of a smile, the strange angles he’s made of. He’s sold them a beautiful house… and he’ll send them screaming from it if it’s the last thing he does.

Frank Raine loves ghosts, so the fact that there’s one in the house is totally awesome. His new friend, Jack, ain’t that bad either. So what if he’s the local firebug and a serious liability?

But these ghosts are not a game. They bite. Hard. And there’s a man of strange angles lurking at the bottom of the garden every night doing… something.

A car crash left Cherry physically weak, and bullying kids are getting her down. Does Cherry have any fight left? Because the thing is, Macadamian doesn’t take kindly to silly little girls…

Sometimes you really should judge a book by its cover.

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Top customer reviews

on 22 October 2013
chilling read. very enjoyable. is there any more to come?
don’t normally read books but was recommended to read this one .
couldn’t put it down
on 18 November 2013
Mr Conoboy writes with an easy style that drew me in from the first paragraph. Story telling at its best and plenty of chills along the way. Really couldn’t wait to find out what happens to Cherry as the story went on. Waiting now for the next installment. Kind of Steven King meets Derek Landy.
on 18 November 2013
Brilliant story great building of character, got it on free download at Halloween defo worth paying for! Loved it cant wait to see more from the writer
on 13 December 2013
A really well written book with a new and imaginative storyline. I was hooked from page one! Looking forward to the next one-


A Graveside Visible by Steve Conoboy

A Graveyard Visible cover

The graveyard visible from Caleb’s bedroom window grows a little bigger each day. He sees funerals there every evening, but nobody is dying. Misha, the strange girl who lives there with her grandfather, takes an unwanted interest in Caleb, and he can’t shake her off. But he’s sure those peculiar mourners, the same ones at each graveside every time, are forcing her into rituals against her will… Caleb, still reeling from the death of his mother, soon finds himself deep in a world of the dead in this chilling YA horror novel; will it be too late for him to climb back out?

OUT 27th April 2018! pre-order your copy via Amazon click here

With two kids, three cats, and a job in care, for Steve Conoboy writing fantasy fiction is a quiet respite from the madness of normality. Steve contributes, an initiative designed to encourage young readers and parents to promote books for children. A Graveyard Visible is Steve’s second published YA novel, with his short story credits including Polluto magazine, Voluted Tales, and Kzine. He lives in North Shields, UK.

About the Author Steve Conoboy

Steve Conoboy author photo

Prologue : My parents met. (Prologues are never much use.)

Chapter One: I am born. The world blinks.

Chapter Two: I toddle. I am introduced to the works of Richard Scarry. The illustrations burn themselves into my tiny mind. This is followed by an intense interest in Winnie the Pooh and the Radio Times.

Chapter Three: Beanos and Dandys and tape recorders enter my life. I read the comic strips aloud, record these performances. Leads to writing my own stories, which are mostly about spaceships or murderous snakes.

Chapter Four: Santa brings a Commodore 64. Writing is forgotten.

Chapter Five: Teenage nerdism strikes. Dragonlance Chronicles are read. An attempt is made to copy them. Results are dreadful.

Chapter Six: Off to university to study ancient history and archaeology. Hat and whip not received. Compaints about this are ignored. University mostly a waste of time, apart from hours spent writing apocalyptic horror-comedy on 386 PC. It’s great.

Chapter Seven: Apocalyptic horror-comedy sent out to literary agents. None are interested. Novel not great. Mostly a waste of time.

Chapter Eight: A long period filled with much writing and many submissions and plenty of rejection letters. Decide I can’t stand prologues as they’re never much use.

Chapter Nine: Short stories accepted by Polluto, Voluted Tales and Kzine. Prompts a vigorous interest in Kindle Direct Publishing. First release is Macadamian Pliers, YA horror with an emphasis on creepy, spooky and other ooky things.

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