Authors Spotlight: Steve Dunn

Viking Resurection by Steve Dunn

viking res

The Viking fantasy adventure from the author of RAINE FALL and SCHOOL OF THOUGHT.

England, 999AD. Twelve-year old Amy’s parents have gone missing, the summer has leapt into winter, and graves are bursting their occupants forth. As she gathers family and new friends to rescue her Ma and Pa, hell is uncovered from across the seas: an undead army and beasts from the darkest corners of their nightmares.

In a fast-paced adventure that bursts with action and spans a continent, Amy must ensure that when facing the order of Hel only faith and family can withstand its wicked schemes.

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Top customer reviews

Each book of Steve’s is a different kind of special. This is the third one that I have read––I’ll be reading School of Thought as soon as I can, too.

From the short story––a brilliantly retold fairy tale––to his original working, Raine Fall, this maybe altogether fuller novel takes even greater twists. I thought I’d seen the depth of his writing up until now––yet, nothing could have prepared me for such a medieval––evil––world!

The situation is hopeless––a time of resurrecting Vikings, and yet these beasts will not easily die, led and controlled by a group of sisters, their youngest the worst of the lot.

There were times when I could easily see this as a film––picture Pirates of the Caribbean, or I guess any number of zombie films––yet this is different again. Brilliant––and dark, and a little scary.

Needless to say, it’s certainly worth a read. How quickly the name Steve Dunn and the phrase ‘quality, beautifully crafted writing’ go hand in hand. Enjoy!

Steve Dunn is a master storyteller; I would liken him to James Herbert.

Steve weaves a believable tale of sorcery entwined with Saxon history and Norse mythology — where the Viking dead rise and sorcery tries to bring about Ragnarok (a Norse term for Armageddon or end of days).

The prologue starts with a battle, providing the background to a curse which follows 12 year old Amy’s ancestral line.

Sorcery increases in power, the Viking dead and magical creatures show no mercy, leaving death and destruction in their wake as they lay waste to cities and countries — all culminating in an unpredictable and clever explosive conclusion.

I would recommend this story to 12 – 15 years old and above. But for the younger ages, I wouldn’t recommend reading it at bedtime.


Really enjoying this well written gripping saga, so far on chapter 13 and hooked.

Steve’s use of local areas and historical research help make ressurection more vivid.

Finally finished Ressurection due to shift work, I have been fortunate enough to read this book whilst enjoying the summer from my hammock. What I found myself doing was trying to limit how much I read as the story engrossed me soo much and the thought of finishing the book felt like I’d be finishing a true saga that I’d never be able to read again for a first time, unless I suffered a Hrafn hammer blow to my head. Brilliant characters, gripping story and a climatic ending.

Reading resurrection from my hammock glancing over at a medieval church added to my experience.

About The Author: Steve Dunn

steve dunn

As well as an author Steve Dunn is a church leader, fig roll eater, music lover and cinema enthusiast. Some of these things he does simultaneously.

Creating worlds and exploring their highways and byways since an early age, Steve has always had a passion for stories both real and unreal.

Plans for new adventures are unfolding for many more years to come. Enjoy the ride!

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Gold a’Locks and the Three Weres by Steve Dunn

gold and 3

The true events that inspired Goldilocks And The Three Bears!

A NOVELETTE – includes *free* VIKING RESURRECTION Prologue

“Not all stories are passed on in sincerity. Some truths have remained untold; some have been spun but false. This one must now be woven in honesty’s light, for it has been twisted through the generations since its inception. The childhood favourite tells of a spoilt little girl with hair of sunlight and three speaking animals, but this belies the darker threads of its reality. She was not just some little brat, and they were not mere animals. Children: sometimes the monsters are the ones that look just like you…”

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Top customer reviews

Wow. Whilst I wouldn’t read this story to my young children (this is one for us grown ups!) I was captivated by the way the story was told, it’s imagination and cleverness. The language is so rich. Plus the teaser for Viking Resurrection that’s included only keeps giving more! Brilliantly written throughout! I’m certainly a fan!


A great take on an old story, that, just like Raine Fall and School of Thought, keeps you guessing until the end – quite a feat for a story I’ve always known. As with School of Thought and Raine Fall, you’re never quite sure if the person you like is the hero or the villain. The language is beautiful, the characters interesting, and the story gripping – a perfect read for a quiet afternoon in the sun.


A great twist on a well-known story that is fast-paced and exciting. Yet again Steve Dunn manages to draw you in to the world of the characters in just a few paragraphs so that you’re gripped right to the end. A definite must-read when you’ve got a few spare minutes!


Atmospheric with a use of language that transports the reader to another time and place. As with the author’s other books, his handling of the action scenes will have you on the edge of your seat. A great short read.

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