Authors Spotlight: Rebecca Tran

The Rashade’ (Chronicles of the Coranydas Book 1)

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After her father was murdered before her eyes, Mara Coranyda traded a life of privilege, for one devoted to vengeance. Shortly into her quest to find the mage that murdered him, Mara discovered it wouldn’t be an easy task to accomplish. Not only would she have to find the magical artifacts to destroy him, but she would also have to raise an army to stop his conquest of her homelands.

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on June 13, 2017

The Rashade, written by Rebecca Tran, tells the tale of Mara, a purposeful and strong willed woman whose life mission revolves around avenging the death of her father. Mara is a trained soldier, a skilled fighter and is determined to find the man who murdered her father (whilst she was forced to watch), leaving both physical and emotional scars that haunt her nightmares. As she sets out on her epic adventure she will meet new friends, new enemies and finally face off with the evil mage Laran who has his eyes set on taking over her homelands.

The Rashade is the first book in the Chronicles of the Coranydas series and delivers an adventure filled with magical characters, valiant warriors and a determined young woman who has her eyes set on avenging her father. The story begins with Mara applying for leave through the High Priestess, who also happens to be Mara’s mother. Mara is a trained soldier in the League and hopes to use her time away to finally face the evil Laran.

The Rashade has similar tones to books such as Deltora Quest and Game of Thrones as the main characters set on an adventure where there are tombs, priestesses and sword fights that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat in anticipation. Epic battles crossed with a burning desire to destroy an evil man will mean the reader will be captivated until the very end.

Not everybody is who they seem and I thoroughly enjoyed the progression of each character as we learned more about their life through the unexpected relationships that develop. The characters come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from soldiers to priestesses to mages- humans who possess magical powers and mysterious grey eyes. Romance, swordsmanship and magical weapons will intertwine into a plot line that is consistently entertaining.

Mara and Kess are friends who set off together after decisions made by the High Priestess. Kess is sometimes shy, sometimes brave and the reader will quickly begin to appreciate his ability to be there when Mara needs him most. But Mara is an independent and strong woman, and it was a breath of fresh air to read about a woman warrior, rather than the typical man going into battle.

The Rashade has elements of olden day romance with flirting consisting of showing ankles in a bar, arranged marriages and oaths that stand the test of time. The outfits, swords and horses will throw the reader into an era that was far before our time. It was easy to get lost in a world of fantasy and transported to a place where magic and priestesses exist and readers will be pleasantly surprised at how easily time gets away when you are lost in the pages of The Rashade.

I would recommend this to anybody looking for a fantasy novel with twists and turns that result in a heart-stopping conclusion. I look forward to reading the other stories in the series!

on June 5, 2017

Mara is the only woman allowed in the League, a fighters guild for men only. She’s dedicated her life to tracking down the man that killed her father. Good news! She’s finally on his trail!

Things started slow. About halfway through they pick up and the story itself gets real good.
What stood out to me about the novel was the world building. As the reader progressed with Mara, they get introduced to two very distinct cultures. Complete opposites, at that. Mara goes from a male-dominated society to a female-dominated one. What surprised me the most was that both of those cultures were at peace with each other. Transitioning between the two takes some crafty deception. Despite that, there’s a general feeling of mutual respect.

I liked the characters and, for the most part, their characterization. Given the constraints of the society created, the women were well-written. They didn’t exactly conform to stereotypes, and that sold me.

There were some things I had difficulty with. Like the frequency of the marriages without knowing a person, but still throwing ‘love’ around. I tried to take them with the cultures of societies present, which made things a little easier. I almost want to say that part of the reason is because things jumped around a lot and so time felt a little distorted. It did serve to further the internal conflict of both the plot and character development. So, there was that. And I can say that I enjoyed the main romantic subplot.

A lot of the story gets told through dialogue. It gets awkward and clunky real easy. Since there was so much, it seemed forced sometimes. Don’t get me wrong–I’m a huge fan of the story construction. There was enough conflict to go around, both internal and external. All the characters got their turn in the spotlight. There wasn’t one specific character that needed saving. There wasn’t one character to do all the saving. Learning curves for fighting and interactions were appropriate, and the development was noticeable.

The reader gets to learn about the characters and world little by little instead of getting told everything all at once. And most of the characters get their fair share. Description lacked in some areas. The narrative broke up in weird ways.

I did like this novel, even if there is editing needed. It doesn’t feel as polished as it should. Even with that, though, the story is one that will gradually suck the reader in and keep them.

on February 17, 2017
The plot is intriguing and I love the variety of characters that have been presented. I am looking forward to the next book to continue the story.
on April 12, 2017
The Rashade is well written and packed with action…I couldn’t put it down! This is a “must read” in the fantasy genre, especially if you like strong female characters. R. Tran is a great story teller and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

About The Author: Rebecca Tran

ras bio

How I came up with the idea and developed it:

Most of my books come from a random thought I have while doing something else. In this case I thought I should write about a girl who got revenge on the man who murdered her father. Considering what was going on in my life that wasn’t a surprise. From there I had to consider who she was and her motivation. Ultimately I came up with the daughter of a priestess joining a league of warriors for men only. But why, what could be so terrible to make a priestess lose her place? I managed to figure those things out then realized it would give me nightmares so I gave them to her. Usually most things happen in most things develop in my books because I ask myself why? It usually makes sense to me. However some things develop organically and take me by surprise. One of the love stories in this book happened that way.

Author Biography

I started writing as self prescribed therapy after my dad died when I was 16. As a teenager I was too scared to admit I was depressed so it was my coping mechanism. The rough draft of my first manuscript was finished four years later. It sat around for years before I had the nerve to show it to anyone. It was rough and unpolished but the feedback was positive. So I began the first edit.

In the meantime I continued to write. I have always found it relaxing. I told very few people about my secret hobby. The stories began to pile up whether they were finished or not at least they were out of my brain before I forgot them. Twenty years and many edits later I published my first book.

I always wonder what my dad would think if he were here now. I married my high school sweetheart who missed meeting each other by three months. We’ve been married for 16 years this August. I also earned a B.S.B.A. and a PharmD. But, my two biggest accomplishments are my daughters that will be 4 and 6 this year.


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