Authors Spotlight: Jenny Renson

The Cotton Tail by Jenny Renson


Victorio is one of few children blessed to live in the palace under the rule of the King and Queen of the small but prosperous Kingdom of Lucca. The palace is a prison in the young boy’s eyes as his desires to see the world and be of greater service. What he doesn’t realize is he has become the interest of the mysterious Feletti looking to expand his collection of dolls. The clock is ticking and Victorio must escape the clutches of the mysterious doll maker as his influence spreads and another unforeseen danger approaches.

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About The Author: Jennifer Renson


I am a published writer, poet, public speaker, artist who wants to spread my work so that others can be inspired, find it relatable, and want to be motivated.

Since high school I had been involved in writing, poetry, literature, and free expression. These interests continued and I am proud to see that my work is seeing the light of day.

Currently my poetic works include: “Delightfully Dark” A Collection of Poems and Tales
“Eo” Go, walk, ride, sail, pass, travel

The poems range from themes of love and heartbreak, to finding answers, chasing dreams, to being inspired by AMC’s The Walking Dead, the Victorian Era, and Ancient Egypt.

I had the opportunity to meet actor/photographer/artist Norman Reedus at the Philadelphia Wizard Convention in June 2014 where he received the first copy of my first poetry book “Delightfully Dark”.

I was an extra in Chris Rockwell and The Stickball Social Club’s music video “We Don’t Play to Win”, I freelance write for Lost Treasure Magazine, received “Most Notable 2015 Recognizee” on 1-4-15, filmed and starred in #TWDSweeps Contest, and continue to participate in Open Mic events in the New Jersey area.

I look forward to the day when my books are on every store, library and bedroom shelf, shared, enjoyed and loved by everyone.

Don’t be afraid to say hello and tell me what you think of my work.

Be a deer and follow me for more information, updates, events, and more!

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