Authors Spotlight: Roberta Franklin

The Professor and The Bird by Roberta Franklin


Professor Angelopoulos is a mature, experienced, and renowned archaeologist. Whilst working in the sweltering heat of the Kanesh desert, Turkey, he meets the true love of his life, Sally.

Sally, a young Irish girl, arrives at the archaeological camp after being injured in a motorcycle accident. Whilst Sally is at the camp she uncovers one of the most important archaeological find in history, a simple piece of clay with the oldest inscription in an Indo-European language upon it.

Together, with the Professor and other camp members they must project this rare item of national heritage from a millionaire collector, and ensure it arrives safely at the Archaeological Museum, where it must be displayed for everyone to see.

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Top Customer Reviews

on April 25, 2017
Format: Paperback
The Professor and the Bird is literally the most incredible romantic story I have read this year and I can’t wait for the world to get their hands on it. Roberta Franklin put her heart and soul into this story and it showcases every single bit of what makes us human, the story that touches your soul and makes you believe in humanity and finding that one true love.
I really do believe that this book is not only about people who are beautiful on the outside but people who are beautiful because of who they are, because of their struggles, what they strive to become, and how they live not only for themselves but also for those who are no longer a part of their lives and those who make life worth living.
Where do I start? From The Professor and the Bird is truly an unforgettable book. I was simply blown away by this epic tale and never regretted that I picked it up, so I urge any fan of words full of the spirit of love to purchase and devour, you will not regret.
on May 8, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
Cute story. I really enjoyed the archaeological setting, with the main character being a professor dealing with Turkish ancient artifacts. A young woman named Sally shows up at the dig in the desert one day, because her motorbike has broken, and she’s stranded while trying to finish a race. It’s quite the story, because immediately, all the young guys working with the Professor fixate on Sally as a new conquest. She ends up not being interested in any of them, but focuses on the Professor. It’s an interesting turn to the story when Sally finds an old piece of clay that ends up being the oldest Turkish artifact ever found. Wealthy collectors start making offers for the piece, but it’s bound for a museum. Then comes the undesirables trying to rob the dig site. It’s an eventful story, with some sweet romance in the midst. I also enjoy the traveling that Sally and the Professor does. Sometimes the story seems a little far-fetched, with Sally being a bit Pollyannish and simple, but it’s still entertaining anyway. I recommend it.
on January 12, 2017
Format: Paperback

The Professor and the Bird is a lovely book. It is a romance but it has other ingredients as well. At its heart is the story of Professor Nikos, an eminent Greek archaeologist, and Sally, the young Irish girl he meets quite by accident while conducting one of his excavations. These two from such different backgrounds find that they are made for each other. Their relationship as written by Ms Franklin is sexy, charming and humorous, and there are plenty of supporting characters on the Professor’s dig to provide additional interest.

Roberta Franklin has not chosen the archaeological dig as her backdrop by accident. She is clearly something of an expert on ancient history, but she wears her learning lightly and alongside the romance furnishes us with all sorts of fascinating early history of half forgotten peoples such as the Hittites and the dawning of the Indo-European languages which most of Europe, America and large parts of Asia still speak today. A clay fragment is found, and on it is written perhaps the earliest example of Indo-European yet discovered.

Ms Franklin seamlessly intertwines the romance and the fascinating historical backdrop and then brings in another twist. This clay fragment is unbelievably valuable, and while the archaeologists- Sally soon learns the ropes and indeed is instrumental in making the vital discovery- wish only to preserve and to extend the remit of human knowledge, there are those who wish to feather their own nests thereby. A gang of American adventurers get wind of the discovery and determine to make the clay fragment their own, and Ms Franklin’s tale moves up another notch.

Here is a new talent in the world of romantic fiction but one who I suspect is capable of writing in other genres as well. For those readers who like their romance handled with intelligence, charm and refreshingly different sexiness, and with enticing subplots which add to but never detract from the main story, this is the book for you. Roberta Franklin is a name you will be hearing of again. Let’s hope she’s already busy writing her follow-up book.

About The Author: Roberta Franklin

Roberta Franklin 4.2016.jpg

Roberta Franklin, who was born in Germany in 1973 and studied History and English Literature in Munich, has been living in Greece since 1998. She has worked in various fields – as a journalist, as Social Hostess on a cruise ship, as an insurance agent – and during the past ten years she has been working as a freelance translator and a teacher of foreign languages. But her true passion has always been writing, and her favourite genre has always been romantic fiction.

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