Authors Spotlight: Estelle Maher

Grace and The Ghost by Estelle Maher


Is our life dictated by us, fate or divine intervention? On her way home from the office, thirty-year-old Grace Hammond stumbles across a tramp named Crowley who is found dead in her village the following day. Crowley soon returns to Grace looking for her help so he can cross over.  He just needs to complete a task that will have a positive effect on her life. Unfortunately, neither knows where to start! Help comes in the form of her landlord, her elderly neighbour, her gay best friend, a good looking American and Frank Sinatra! Can Grace help Crowley be with his family? Can she get her own life back on track?

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Top Customer Reviews

I was fortunate enough to attend a book signing by the author of this book and she is as fabulous as her characters and her story. Estelle Maher makes you question what happens once your life comes to an end and how someone can have such a profound impact on your life. The characters are well written and we fall in love with them instantly. The story is extremely insightful, cleverly written and keeps you hooked throughout. I laughed out loud, cried into tissues, smiled and frowned. It was such a shame to come to the end of this book. I feel like I have lost dear friends. I will be reading this again… and again… and again.


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This is a brilliant, self-assured debut novel. Sometimes hilariously funny, sometimes heartbreakingly touching, it is always beautifully written. In Crowley, Estelle has created a character who is destined to become a classic. It takes a very sure hand to take a genre like this and created something refreshing and new, and that is precisely what this author has done. Bring on the next book!


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Such a beautiful, heart warming and funny story. At times I felt as though I was right in the middle of of it all standing alongside Grace. I found myself smiling one minute and the next tears rolling down my cheeks.
Can’t wait for the follow up!
Well done Mrs Maher.


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Brilliant. I laughed, I cried, I doubted but I couldn’t put it down. A compelling read, thought provoking with a definite hint of Liverpool humour. I was hooked from start to finish. If you have one thing on your “to do” list this weekend make sure it is to read this.

About The Author: Estelle Maher

bio-pic estelle

Estelle Maher was born in the heart of Liverpool, England. After spending her teens in rural Dorset, she returned to the North of England and now resides in Wirral with her husband, 2 children and 2 dogs.

Her career has been varied, working in shipping, insurance and finance. But in her spare time, she’s quite at home with a paint brush upcycling furniture. She also writes a blog in her spare time, The Secret Diary of A Middle Aged Woman, a humorous snapshot of random thoughts.

Estelle has been writing on and off for a number of years and writing the blog was her first step in writing for an audience that was wider than her and her husband.

However, throughout her life, Estelle has experienced lots of ‘inexplicable moments’ which inspired her first debut novel, Grace & The Ghost.

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