Authors Spotlight: Bilal Ham

Gone world by Bilal Ham

gone world

Days of hell have fallen upon the earth. Everything from pollution to an overwhelming number of natural disasters can accept blame for the planet’s demise. Only the strong have survived, and a line has been drawn separating those lucky enough to persevere. They have either become wicked past the point of return, or have become despondent about going on any further.

Jaden Lorel has come to one conclusion. Everything is gone. There are no safe havens anymore, only darkness to fill his souls and despair to keep him company. To think something could have survived is unfathomable to most. But when he comes across information about a stable location, he must put aside his doubts and fears in order to find a way to live again.

You may think “ah something like this will never happen”, but take this story into account. Who knows, one day you could be in the same predicament. Find what you love in this world and hold onto it, because one day it might be gone.

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About The Author: Bilal Ham


Bilal Ham is an upcoming author who currently lives in Wilson, North Carolina and attends Wilson Community College as an English Major. With a mind constantly filled with abstract thoughts and ideas, Bilal decided to write a novel and Gone World was born. During his freshman year of college, Bilal wrote the novel and plans to release it in late May 2017.

He enjoys music immensely and prefers classical, jazz, hip hop, dance, and R&B genres, but is always open to new kinds of tunes. Bilal is also an avid reader and movie watcher. Some of his favorite movies are the Dark Knight and The Shaw Shank Redemption. He enjoyed the Percy Jackson series as well as other books such as, the Walking Dead Comics, 1984, Animal Farm, and the Hunger Game Series. In his down time to stimulate creativity, he meditates, plays video games such as Smash Bros and Minecraft, takes long walks, and finds ways to laugh.

Check out his blog on the home page to read about his writing process, writing tips, music, movies, and various other things!

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