Authors Spotlight: Rashell Lashbrook

Hidden in The Dark by RaShell Lashbrook


After enduring a lifetime of abuse at the hands of the man that vowed to cherish her, Genny Carter knows only the role of the victim. More focused on avoiding punishment than the wellbeing of her three daughters, she ignored the terror inflicted on them by their father during their childhood. She kept his secrets. Now, in her sixties, Genny has had enough. She needs her daughters to help her escape. Can she count on them?

Lilly has tried for decades since leaving that little Texas farmhouse to erase the unspeakable things that were done to her. After snagging a wealthy man, she reinvents herself into a polished member of San Antonio’s old-money society. Can she keep up this façade, or will the secrets she hides cause her to lose everything?

Always Daddy’s favorite, thirty-five-year-old Randi tries to bury her shame in a mountain of sex and drugs. Estranged from her parents for nearly ten years, the news of Mother’s leaving forces her to face old wounds. Will she survive?

Much younger than her sisters, Raine was left to deal with Daddy’s horrific abuse after the others left. Shanti, free of a conscience, was conjured to help protect little Raine by whatever means necessary. Raine’s mother and father are back in the picture, and Shanti is on a rampage.

Every family has secrets. Some are worth dying for.

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Top Customer Reviews

on March 19, 2017
Hidden in the Dark is the kind of book that will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout. The author has constructed the plot in such a way that you will not feel like putting it down once you start reading it. I found Genny’s story really intense and to be honest, it felt very very realistic. The character development is spot on and the writing is really vivid. The thing I liked the most about RaShell’s writing is that she does not beat around the bush and gives you meaty details in every single chapter and in spite of being quite long,
on March 19, 2017

HIDDEN IN THE DARK takes a strong poignant pull on the reader’s mind. From the first page, you discover a mountain of abuse and heartache that is being shown from the case of characters. Each one of these stories shows the horrors that are faced each day in ordinary people’s lives.

RaShell Lashbrook has done a magnificent job is writing this book. This novel is one that is unique in itself. The dialogue is so dramatic and compelling that it is like watching a train wreck occur and not being able to look away.

on March 9, 2017
RaShell Lashbrook’s “Hidden in the Dark” struck me as simply another book– at first glance. As I read further throughout the book, it began to disturb me. Yes, all of the characters in this book irked me in a rather uncomfortable way. Before you ask, no, I do not have an uneasy stomach. I frequently watch the show “American Horror Story” (a show that makes many people queasy). Despite the novel turning my gut inside out, I kept on reading. Perhaps it was out of interest, or even curiosity. Regardless of why – I read nonstop. I truly feel that the subject of the book has been skimmed over by many authors before, which is a safe road to travel. However, RaShell Lashbrook faces several a major societal taboos with great courage and poise. Ms. Lashbrook is either brilliant or mentally disturbed.
on March 23, 2017
I was captivated the entire time! Only took me 3 days to read from first to last page….couldn’t put the book down. Excellent work Miss Lashbrook! Shocking, but excellent! Can’t wait to check out this author’s other books.
on March 18, 2017
I absolutely could not put this book down after I started it. Ms. Lashbrook did an excellent job of introducing the reader to each of the characters. She then continued to develop them into the complicated and damaged individuals that they had become because of the horrible circumstances they had endured as part of an abusive family. The story was heartbreaking and full of twists and turns. I’m still in shock over the ending.

About the Author : RaShell Lashbrook


RaShell Danette Lashbrook was born in Wellington, Kansas, the eldest daughter of Lyle and Marcia Pope Lashbrook. Her parents threw the television away when she was just two years old, so she spent her childhood in Mulvane, Kansas reading, exploring, biting her nails, and picking her nose.

Her deep love of reading always fueled a small flame of desire to write, but it wasn’t until 2012 that she began to practice the craft of throwing words onto paper and rearranging them repeatedly.

She is blessed to share her life with her first love – Mr. Man of the house, her six magnificent children and their friends, parents that anyone would be envious of, Andee (her best friend since the eighth grade), the best siblings in the whole world, a crazy Australian Shepard, a psychotic Siberian Husky, a mutt named Dojo, and a “top-shelf” circle of extended family and friends.

RaShell’s fascination with many different subjects has served her well in her writing. She prefers to think of her dabbling as “research”. Her lasting passions have been organic gardening, music, cooking, murder, mysteries, aliens, and people with mental disorders.

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