Authors Spotlight: M.J.Umland

Willow Lake by M.J.Umland

willow lake update

Some secrets are better left buried

“A race to the end murder mystery with a twist.”

 Follow Sage’s story… The journey has just begun.

The rise to fame only masks the pain of heartbreak. It’s rooted in our dreams and follows us wherever we go. Sage thought moving to Manhattan and marrying notorious, defense attorney, Ayden De Carlo, and pursuing her dreams, it would push it in a dark corner of her mind and out of her life. Forever. But when Ayden was brutally murdered, it pushed the pain to an even darker place. Needing an escape she moves to a quiet, small town in Vermont, but when a mysterious stranger surfaces, life takes an abysmal dive into secrets from her past.

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Top Customer Reviews

on July 22, 2017
This is an intriguing read, full of an interesting array of characters. The main character, Sage, goes through a lot in her life. The author does an excellent job bringing the reader alongside this character throughout the book, sharing what she endures. Absorbed and wanting to know what happens next. A superbly created cast of supporting characters surround Sage as she goes through some very trying times in her life. As the first part of series, I know that I am going to read the next volume when it is released. I will be very much looking forward to it.
on October 2, 2016
What pleasurable reading! Michelle Umland is an artist with words. I had a hard time putting this down. Sorry when I finished this book. Can hardly wait to read the next in the series. Stan Jones
on August 28, 2016
Such a wonderful book to read. Love the way I was drawn in to the story and so ready for more from this author. A must read for all
on November 7, 2016
I enjoyed this book. I am looking forward to reading book number two
on August 11, 2016
Awesome read. The author has a unique way of transitioning through the chapter by using first person and third person interactions, all at the same time. Very technical writer whose story line always leaves you anxious to read the next chapter!!

About The Author: M.J.Umland


As most writers, I began reading and writing at a very young age. At the age of four, I was more interested in what my older brother and father were reading, and found myself picking it up when they weren’t looking! Old Mother West-wind stories were a favorite alongside numerous works of noted poets and authors(which I’m not sure I can mention.)By the age of eleven, I had written several poems and essays, molded under my father’s guidance. Being an English major, it wasn’t an easy task. As I got older, my interests shifted to fiction mostly and suspense with a thread of romance, intrigue, and mystery. Photography is my second love. I enjoy nature walks, taking my camera along capturing the beauty of nature. Currently, I live in Arkansas, the natural state with my Fiancé’, and two large cats!

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