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Uya: A Beast Like No Other by Ron Shaw

a beast

Something deadly sinister is roaming the mountains of southern Tennessee and northern Georgia. A ravenous beast with a thirst for blood and carnage has law enforcement in two states baffled.
From Native American, Cherokee mythology, the beast has been named Uya, a malevolent evil spirit of the night.
The rancorous creature has so far outwitted the best the law has to offer, and now, the stakes have been raised as farm animals no longer satisfy Uya’s hunger.
An Atlanta Federal Penitentiary inmate on death row may hold the clues to apprehending the vicious fiend. But time is of the essence because Uya has now gorged herself on human blood, flesh, and bones.
Another victim has been taken from its crib.
Will Uya be stopped in time?

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Top Customer Reviews

on February 27, 2017
Very unique villain/monster. A really good read with a possible sequel in the future
on February 19, 2017

The book is set in the mountains of Georgia and Tennesee. The Cherokee Uya looks like the Balinese Barong, it’s a frightening spectacle. It’s a Night Feeder or a Cherokee evil spirit.

It has all the ingredients of a thriller from what kind of people get lost in the wooded areas, to the types of terrain, the kind of units mobilized, and how to investigate the evidence. He took a bit of poetic license with DNA testing, but I was easily fooled.

The story ponders on the primitive. In Ronnie’s world, mountains are ominous full of many creatures that could only have been created with mountains in mind. The book explores how a human can be changed to a degree that it’s animalistic. Hollywood likes to see the beast reformed back into a human. Not in this novelette, the Uya is a total beast to the end.

on February 19, 2017
I obtained my copy of this story directly from the author. However, that has not influenced this review. Ron Shaw’s basic story in UYA reminds me of paranormal hunter shows like those one finds on Discovery Channel. In contrast to those shows, this tale contains an awesome police procedural twist. It is what you might get if you crossed something like KILLING BIGFOOT with LAW & ORDER. I thoroughly enjoyed the read. Seeing the investigation unfold through the eyes of realistic law enforcement characters, who make sound law enforcement-style decisions, was a definite plus.
on February 20, 2017
If you want to get scared out of your wits, this is the story for you. Ron Shaw’s vivid imagination and descriptive skills will have you looking for Uya any time you’re out at night and, if you’re like I am, sometimes during the day as well. The story moves along at a steady clip, giving you a plot that keeps you wondering who’s going to get it next. After you’ve talked yourself down, convinced yourself it’s just a story, an interesting twist will make you look around when you’re out late at night anyway. If you like Stephen King, you’ll love Uya.
on February 21, 2017
Good short read. Will make a good ghost story over the camp fire!

About The Author: Ron Shaw


Hi, I’m Ron Shaw a native of Atlanta, Georgia. I currently reside in Gwinnett County, Georgia with my wife and daughter. I attended Roosevelt High School in Atlanta and continued my education at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia for two years. I met my future wife in Atlanta after my second year at Mercer and transferred my junior year to Georgia State University in Atlanta.
With new responsibilities in 1973, I became an Atlanta Police Officer while attending college full-time. I obtained a BA degree in English Literature from Georgia State University in 1974, and I retired from the Atlanta Police Department in 1996 after a very fulfilling and personally satisfying career.
I’m an award-winning cover designer, bestselling, No. 1 Best Seller, and prolific author, writing in a wide variety of genres such as horror, science fiction, thriller, crime, paranormal, ghost, supernatural, travel, religious, spiritual, philosophical, humor, romance, historical romance, young adult, erotica, LGBT, and young adult.
I have three novellas and a short story in a paranormal and historical romance series, CRAMPED QUARTERS, consisting of MARY’S TRUNK, MARY’S JOURNEY BEGINS, MARY’S JOURNEY CONTINUES, and PAUL’S STORY.
I’ve published a horror and thriller novelette, THE DEAD AND THE DYING that also appears in the horror anthology, DARK TALES FROM GENTS’ PENS, edited and published by Annie Acorn.
J, another published short story also appears in the anthology, SHORT & FUN STORIES published by Dorothy May Mercer of
I’ve published three books of poetry and superb photography (courtesy of my brother-in-law, J. Robert Sosby of Atlanta). They are; WITHOUT FROM WITHIN: POEMS BY RON SHAW (available in English and French), TRAVERSES: POEMS BY RON SHAW and SOUTHERN BREWED POETRY. I collaborated on an additional, fourth book of poetry with Texas poet, Richard M. Knittle, Jr. entitled POETRY EAST TO WEST with internal photography provided by Richard Knittle, Jr. and J. Robert Sosby.
I’ve also published three novelettes; THE REBOOTED (almost a novella in size), THANKS GIVING, and CHRISTMAS PAST: AN ANGEL’S STORY. These three novelettes plus the short story, J are available in a box set entitled, NOVELETTES AND SHORT STORIES BY RON SHAW.
As a heartfelt “thank you” and a tribute to my brother-in-law, J. Robert Sosby for allowing me to utilize hundreds of his marvelous photographs for a few of my book covers and inside my poetry books, I published a book of his photography, PHOTOGRAPHY BY J. ROBERT SOSBY.
I’ve been honored and privileged to be granted the express permission for the usage of several images taken by the Hubble Telescope by NASA, ESA, HEIC and The Hubble Heritage Team (STSci/AURA).
You can find me hanging out and tweeting way too often at @RonGizmo on Twitter, pinning at Pinterest (Ron Shaw), knocking about LinkedIn (Ron Shaw), tumblr Books (Ron Shaw), G+ (Ron Shaw), and please, “Follow” me on Facebook at Author Ron Shaw or Ronnie Shaw.
You’re most welcome and invited to drop in and comment at my website where I post and blog regularly. Like me, my blogs are a tad twisted or at least not normal. My website contains an eclectic mix of interesting, often humorous, sometimes sad, and potentially wacky posts… blogs or otherwise.
I have contributed articles and blogs to various publications and websites such as Southern Magazine, BeeZeeBooks, Inspired Writers, Books Daily, Awesomegang, BookBub, The Bee, and more.
I’ve been interviewed by Fairy Tale Access for cable television and been a guest on a number of incredible podcasts like The Last Knock with filmmaker and author William D. Prystauk at, two guest shots with Cleo of the Netherlands at @Talk2Cleo, Adam Ginsberg’s Out of My Head Radio at, two appearances on the internet show Authors-First with Tony Kay and Scott Zelasko at Radio Network at, The Art of the Artist with host, author, poet, musical performer Justice Clarke at, and Texas poet, Richard M. Knittle, Jr., Poetry Because It Matters at Radio Network.
You can catch my live Internet radio show every third Monday night from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time as I host The Ron Shaw Show on ArtistFirst.con Radio Network at I interview exceptional guests from around the world such as musicians, authors, entertainers, publishers, actors, celebrities, filmmakers, comedians, and storytellers. All of my past shows are archived at my personal website, at my radio show website, and at my Facebook page

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