Authors Spotlight: Paul Hunting

Shakespeare’s Revelation by Paul Hunting


What if…Shakespeare was far more than a playwright, but one of the greatest spiritual masters of all time?

What if…your soul (your true self) has been imprisoned by your mind since you were born?

What if… hidden in his plays is the key to unlock it?

Shakespeare’s Revelation reveals the mystery of how to fulfil your true purpose in life.

Isn’t it time you set your self free?

About The Author: Paul Hunting


Since graduating from Bristol University in psychology, Paul has devoted the past 35 years to pioneering soul-centred coaching and leadership development. He soon discovered a rare talent for using intuition, metaphor, and symbology to enable clients to clear deep unconscious blocks to success. This led him to originate ‘horsejoy’, his unique programme of ‘Horse- assisted leadership and coaching.

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