Authors Spotlight: M.C.Glan

Midnight on Mars by M.C.Glan


Kari Keskiyo thought Earth was a dangerous planet…

Kari flees to a martian colony, Habitat Horizon, to escape the end of the world on Earth only to find more devastation; her ex-fiance’s, scientist Neil Blackwell, cloning project had created mindless killers.
However, she finds that it’s the least of her worries; mercenaries threaten to overtake the colony and Kari sees someone – or something – following her.

Midnight on Mars is a science fiction/action/thriller, set in the year 2060, when all hope for the survival of the human race rests on one Martian colony.
Kari is a spiritualist, having worked for a non-profit organization on Earth that studies energies, while Neil is a scientist, working for the International Coalition of Space Expedition as a bio-engineer. When they find each other on the colony, they must put aside their differences and work together to find not only other survivors, but a way to save humanity itself.

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Top Customer Reviews

They say opposites attract and that’s clearly the cast of Kari and Neil. Neil is head of a scientific experiment creating clones to populate Mars.Kari, his religious ex-fiance is fleeing the ravaged Earth relocating to the Mars colony. She broke up with him, making him decide between his science and her. She couldn’t stay with him while he pursued his soulless ideas.Chaos greets her when she lands, and just as she predicted the clones her boyfriend helped develop are not only out of control but as violent as a mob of zombies. She is thrust into the conflict, joining Neil to save both humanity and herself. An action-packed space yarn filled with science, gore and the debate over the true meaning of life.
on February 24, 2017

Earth is dying. Nature has forestalled humanity: with the impending reversal of the magnetic field, dormant super-volcanoes are on the brink of eruption, and the output will blanket the atmosphere in enough ash to extinguish agriculture in the areas not drowned in lava or damaged by the accompanying earthquakes. Humanity’s one off-world colony, on Mars, is viable, but a covert scientific experiment has encountered an unlikely issue: human clones born or awakened off Earth are functionally sociopathic. Only Kari Keskiyo is able to provide an explanation – and it’s not one offering an easy solution.

Midnight on Mars is a dystopian sci-fi, positing the perfect storm of natural disasters that would wipe out most, if not all, life on Earth, as well as a renewed cycle of dangerous religious fundamentalism. The setting is dark, and largely convincingly written. I enjoyed the originality of some of the religious beliefs; author M. C. Glan managed to mostly avoid the common trap of adhering religiously (pardon me) to the Judaeo-Christian version. However, I found that overall the characters were lacking in that extra quality that would have captivated me, and some of the story elements would have benefited from more development. This may have been a function of the story length, but it impacted the book’s ability to draw me in.

About The Author: M.C.Glan


M.C.Glan lives in Northern Canada with her fiance, Alvin, and their dog Pixie (a.k.a. hairy baby). She enjoys walking the beautiful northern trails, cooking, gaming, and watching great TV shows or movies. She is attracted to stories and games that are thought-provoking or atmospheric. She is currently working on a fantasy novel called Temple of Souls.

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