Authors Spotlight: Jaeme Haviland

Goldhead by J Haviland


Two stories of greed and violence separated by four and half centuries are connected by a curse that twists through time. Goldhead is the story of sixteenth-century conquistador Bernardo Gregorio, his crew, and five, 1950s World War II veterans turned treasure hunters.

Ex-Navy divers, Ben Wheeler, Dan Hampshire, and Bill Walden risk everything to recover Aztec gold worth a quarter million dollars that is lying somewhere in the back country of North Florida. Following the clues left in an obscure medieval journal, they learn the extraordinary fate of the crew of the Mano del Rey who were shipwrecked and massacred. Claudio, the sole survivor, chronicled the dark history that leads the modern team to tainted gold and something they didn’t count on. Dogged by tragedy, lured by fortune, lives are connected across the ages by a shaman’s curse and a terrifying artifact.

Who will triumph and survive over the dark reach of the past?

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Top Customer Reviews

on November 30, 2016
Pirates, mysteries, ghosts, and treasure! This book has it all and the well-written characters feel like old friends by the time the book is finished. It has all the elements needed to keep you hooked and reading till the very last page. I especially enjoyed the way the story spans centuries, describing the same land in it’s wildest and more developed forms. A must read!

The Back Story:

Goldhead started life as a campfire story in the early 1960s. The fictitious yarn about how Florida’s Goldhead State Park got its name intrigued me over the years until 2014, when I finally decided to get it down for others to share around the fire.

Why This Title:

It echoes the name of the Florida State Park where the story was born.

Why Someone Would Want To Read it?

It’s history, horror and adventure, wrapped in a fast-paced story that spans four centuries.

About The Author: Jaeme Haviland


Jaeme Haviland is a native Floridian from Jacksonville.His travels have taken him to such diverse places as NYC, San Francisco,Toronto and Key West. He has had two songs published and recorded: “Stay Away From Planes” and “The Ferris Wheel.” He is a photographer and his photos have appeared in books such as Smokey Mountain Mysteries and magazines like American Legacy. Two self-published travel anthologies—Carolina Blue and From The First Coast are available on Amazon. Currently, Jaeme lives in Palatka, Florida, with his wife and three cats.

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