Authors Spotlight: John David Buchanan

Jump Starting The Universe by John David Buchanan


Universes collide. Most beings throughout the universes are aware of that phenomenon, but people on earth – not so much. Certainly not Mark and Blackie or Wayne and when they rushed to load Wayne’s Chevy Nomad they didn’t have any idea the green tinted light bathing them in the parking lot was more than an impending hail storm. It was a mixing zone. A tiny sliver of space occupied by two overlapping universes.

When the universes pulled apart, the green light disappeared, and so did Mark, Blackie, Wayne, Amelia (who had just joined them), and a 1957 Nomad station wagon. There was no more parking lot, no more bar, and no Hell-Otis highway.

Celestial context now put them smack dab in the middle of a high plain on Alphus Nebulum. They had no idea where they were, or that they would soon be arrested. Lucky for them a prisoner in the cell next to theirs offered them his used Jump Starter. They escaped and were on the lam. After meeting some of the most interesting beings in that galaxy, they used the Jump Starter to avoid a unit of very angry soldiers. Nita came along for the ride, but now, they were lost again.

Wayne said he had an uncomfortable feeling that things were going to get weird – bass players are sometimes remarkably clairvoyant – although weird might have been a bit of an understatement. They met Tugurro, struck a business deal in lieu of payment for their lunch, and stayed at the strangest hotel they had ever seen. An emergency forced them to leave unexpectedly, and they found themselves smack dab in the middle of a meteorite shower.

After spending time with Sly and Vanessa, they returned to the Hotel Phoenix, assured that their previous experience was a fluke. It was there that they witnessed an attempted murder, and having been tipped off by the local police that the assassin’s boss didn’t care for witnesses, they fled. It pays to have friends, friends who can look after you when you don’t know what’s about to happen. Paxim may be the second best swordsman in the solar system.

They used the Jump Starter again and landed on Gafcon where Blackie met Joules at the city library. They became close friends and when Joules was attacked by Shumbrans, they all jumped-in to help her. It was then Blackie suspected something about Nita, and they all got to witness Joules use a talent she had suppressed since her childhood; a talent that would come in handy on more than one occasion.

After the incident at the museum, the six of them planned a trip to a lake in the mountains. On the return trip Wayne quickly realized they had a problem, a very big problem. Blackie had a ridiculous solution; regrettably, it was the best option they had. Mark gave him grief over it later. Given the same circumstances, you would have too!

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Top Customer Reviews

I’m normally a nonfiction reader, but Jump Starting The Universe instantly grabbed my attention and took me for one wild ride. The author did a fantastic job of giving snapshots of the world he has created at the start of each chapter before progressing the story. The book is written in a way to make the reader feel like part of the story, keeping you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and racking your brains to figure it all out. I can’t wait to find out what adventures the band gets into next!


I’m loving this book, and I just decided to stop and say so. It’s so outside the box that it really keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. The author writes smart humor and creates very real characters. I’m impressed by unique story settings. It makes me wonder about the author. I’m thinking this guy is probably talented in more than one artistic area; of course, he could just be a great writer. I’m going to finish the book now, and then come back for a final review.


This book is amazing in every way. I am not normally a reader of Science Fiction, but I know the author and HAD to read his book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves an author with a great sense of humor. Can’t wait for the second book by John David Buchanan.

The Edge of Nothing and Everything by John David Buchanan


At Blackie’s insistence Wayne drove off the side of a mountain cliff right into the greenish tinted mixing zone on Gafcon-49. When it separated Amelia frantically pushed the red button on the front of the Jump Starter. A golden ring instantly formed near the front bumper of the Nomad and glided by with a whooshing sound. The cross over had deposited them into Volcanon’s upper atmosphere where they found themselves plummeting into an enormous crevasse. An enormous volcano in the distance spewed poisonous gas and lava and chunks of rock the size of large houses. Wayne sat with his hands on the steering wheel and noticed the sides of the gorge were closing in quickly. Expecting to hit the bottom at any moment he closed his eyes as another ring whooshed by and the Nomad was bathed in a white haze punctuated by intermittent silver flashes. Someone nervously hummed a song as another ring flew though the haze just as the Nomad, along with Amelia, Mark, Blackie, Nita, Joules, and Wayne, and a large amount of band equipment vanished into thin air. Amelia screamed as the Nomad dropped out of the jump onto a desert plain and plowed to a stop in the deep yellow sand. They were momentarily bewildered by what had just happened and the realization that someone had tried to assassinate Joules, even if it meant killing all of them to do it. Two large moons hovered near the horizon in front of them as the sun went down on the mountains behind. Mesmerized by the scene before them with no idea what to do, where they were, or how to get back to Gafcon-49 they knew one thing for certain – repairing the Jump Starter was job one. Unknown to them, a centuries old dispute raged throughout the universe and before long they not only knew about it, they were smack dab in the middle of it. Every ounce of intelligence and luck would be needed if they were to survive. Wayne was sure something weird was about to happen – again – and it did. They would never have guessed they would go hopping around the universe with the most unlikely of new companions.

Top Customer Reviews

Format: Paperback

This is the second book in the Jump Starting the Universe Series. The story picks up right where the first book ends, with the characters reflecting on what had just happened to them and how they would proceed in light of a new and critical problem. Interplay of the main characters with new ones, and how they react to troubling situations gives them more depth and complexity as the story line unfolds. Scientific vignettes become major themes as the plot develops and Mark, Nita, Wayne, Amelia, Blackie and Joules are startled by new information about one of their group that completely contradicts what they had previously believed.

This unexpected disclosure from a completely unimpeachable source causes one member of the group to question their own plan to return to Gafcon-49. Each person must now decide what they will do, and the results of their decisions doesn’t just embroil them in a controversy that spans multiple universes, it thrusts them right in the heart of it. The Edge of Nothing and Everything continues the story of their unexpected journey, but it is more complex, and slightly darker, as the main characters must address heavy issues and the realities of their situation.

About The Author: John David Buchanan


John David Buchanan was born into a military family in the territory of Alaska in 1953; his children tease him he is older than the State of Alaska which didn’t join the union until 1959. He was the middle child, having one older sister and brother and two younger sisters. You could say he anchored the middle of the line-up. His Dad was transferred to San Antonio, Texas and he grew up there playing sports, watching science fiction on TV, and playing the drums. After high school he attended Southwest Texas State University where he received a Masters Degree in Biology and subsequently started his career as an environmental specialist.

While working for the State of Texas he was transferred to Austin where he met his future wife De Lynn. After working for two consulting companies John started his own business, Buchanan Environmental Associates, which he operated for 18 years. Along the way he started playing guitar in hopes of learning the blues and ultimately co-founded a Pink Floyd cover band where he played lead guitar. When his three-year-old son climbed in his lap to strum an old acoustic Yamaha 160E he knew he would also be a guitar player.

His desire to start writing a book was fueled when he and his young daughter read J. K. Rowling’s entire series of Harry Potter books together. That urge resulted a two-year creative journey resulting in his first book, Jump Starting the Universe. Although he admits he jumped ahead and wrote an ending to the book when he was only half way through the story, it went unused. In his words, “The characters just didn’t want to go that direction.” He says it was hard for a man of science to make that admission, but he is getting more and more comfortable in his new creative skin and with the idea that he is now writing a science fiction series: the second book, The Edge of Nothing and Everything, was released in May 2016 and work has started on the third book whose working title is World Eaters.

If you have comments or questions about his books, or would like to ask a question, you can reach John at or visit his twitter page at @jdbuchanan1.

Thanks for visiting his author page. I hope you enjoy his books and please post a book review on Amazon; it’s the life blood of an author!


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