Authors Spotlight: A.C.Efverman

Game by A.C.Efverman


Sydney is hosting the soccer World Cup in a few weeks’ time when Detective Sergeant Morgan Callaghan is assigned to lead an investigation of three dead women who have been found in central parts of the city.
Morgan’s mother is dying, and his family is less than understanding of the pressure that Morgan has been put under by his superiors and the FIFA committee.
The hunt for a serial killer leads Morgan into a darkness he has never experienced before – and in this darkness he will lose more than he ever thought was possible…
Written by Swedish crime fiction author A.C. Efverman, who has lived in Australia for twenty years – this dark, relentless thriller will take you on a journey through Sydney; where you will get to know DS Morgan Callaghan, and you will also gain a rare insight into what it feels like to work on a murder investigation in Australia.
The Swedish language edition of ‘GAME’ was # 1 Best Seller in Swedish Language Fiction on Amazon in November 2015 – and was also # 1 Best Seller in Swedish eBooks on Amazon in March 2016.

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Top Customer Reviews

5 Stars by A.B. on Goodreads:
I really enjoyed A.C. Efverman’s first novel, the first of the DS Callaghan series, and I hope there are many more to come. There are plenty of twists in a great story – it certainly had me captivated to the end, wanting to know the outcome. No spoilers here, of course. Suffice to say, Efverman knows how to spin a tale, and most importantly she creates a highly believable protagonist (and I used to be a DS). DS Callaghan has plenty of flaws, but he is very, very human.

4 Stars by Helena Halme on Amazon:
DS Morgan Callaghan is a bit like Harry Hole of the Jo Nesbo crime thrillers. He too has a stubbornness to solve the crime whatever the consequences, as well as an impulsive and defiant character. With the addition of a few more character flaws, DS Callaghan is easy to empathize with.
In ‘Game’ Callaghan is faced with a serial killer, but due to the forthcoming large sports event in Sydney, he has to keep the case from leaking out into the media and the public, hence making his task to keep one step ahead of the killer impossible. All the while his personal life seems to be imploding. I loved the way Efverman entwined the two strands of the story together, with Morgan’s own life reaching a critical point at the same time as the murder investigation. I also liked the descriptions of Sydney, which were interspersed with very scary scenes while the killer is on a rampage. I found ‘Game’ hard to put down, and look forward to another installment in the series.

About The Author A.C.Efverman


A.C. Efverman is a Swedish bestselling author. She writes books in both English and Swedish – novels from her series ‘DS Morgan Callaghan’ / ‘Kommissarie Morgan Callaghan’ have been listed # 1 Best Seller on Amazon several times.
A.C. Efverman was born and raised in Stockholm and she is a graduate of Stockholm School of Arts. She traveled the world before she settled in Australia year 1996. During her travels she saw and experienced many things – in one horrific moment she had a gun pointed at her head. She writes from her experience of being a victim of crime, as well as drawing from her extensive imagination and years of research on real-life murderers, police procedures and forensic data. Her novels contain the same main characters, and the stories are set in her adopted home town Sydney.
A.C. Efverman has been a playwright in her past; writing crime fiction stories adapted to stage performances. She is also an artist – she paints with oils and acrylics.

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