Authors Spotlight: David Carter

The Twelfth Apostle by David Carter

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There’s a lull in serious crime in Chester. Sergeant Karen Greenwood is invited to a smart lunch in a city centre hotel where a successful moneymaking scheme is being promoted.

Her boss, Inspector Walter Darriteau, receives a late night telephone call from a long-ago superior from Scotland Yard. He needs an urgent favour and he needs it bad.

The body of a young woman is dumped outside the swimming baths in the middle of the night, but who is she, and who is responsible?

A young man living with aging parents, struggling to make a living, goes missing without any warning and for no apparent reason.

Four apparently random events that couldn’t possibly be linked, but one thing is for sure, the lull in serious crime is most definitely over.

Walter Darriteau and his team are going to be mighty busy, but can they solve the riddles before it is too late?

The Twelfth Apostle is open for business – step right in!

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Top Customer Reviews

David Carter pays fair attention to detail in this his latest Walter Darriteau thriller, thus demanding patience and steady focus of the reader in order not to miss the significance of the numerous characters and their apparent behavioural minutiae that gradually build and bind the four strands of the story into the explosive events that made the book very difficult to put down on reaching the second half.

Well researched, Carter gives credence to his central protagonists, dealing with much of the cultural, socio-political concerns of today. It’s relevant and easy to relate to, though one would rather not have been led into the graphic, evil compulsions spawned by racism, gender, greed, the sex trade and almost all other horrors that make us want to turn off the news.

By special request Darriteau converts his home to a ‘safe house’ protecting the famous model Jessica Stone, for whom he acquires a ‘soft spot’. Her safety, his major concern. His watch but how can he ensure that? There’s much going on, his sergeant Karen Greenwood wants his opinion on a charitable money making scheme run by Kit Napoleon, an astute, highly successful author. In the know, her boyfriend Greg Orlando is pushing hard for her to join. Walter has his suspicions but this is a diversion, his safe house has just become anything but. He opens his front door to a nasty, brutal murder. What’s happened to the London Protection Officer supposed to be guarding Jessica Stone? Only last night he was filling Walter in on the connection she had to the Barton brothers, a pair of murdering extortionists if ever there was, but, as yet there’s nothing there to take this monstrous murder to. Totally in the dark Walter learns of yet another violent death. He’s got his team on the case, suspecting the victim to be an oriental illegal immigrant. The port of Liverpool and it’s peninsular hinterland becomes the focus of investigation as Carter spares us no detail in moving the story through this hideous crime of people trafficking.

We learn of Jun Noo highly motivated and going against her parents’ wishes to join the Hong Kong Police Force. Carter cleverly creates an interesting thread to the story as she takes on the task of throwing light on the ring responsible for trading young women into nothing short of slavery. Whilst I have no doubt of the authenticity of the accounts, I would have appreciated Carter sparing us the worst of the graphics, after all this is becoming a compulsive read and I’m more interested in learning how this “Twelfth Apostle” Darriteau is making out.

A little light relief, Donny Rushnell has disappeared much to the dread of his ageing parents but you never know with Carter, just where is this one going? For sure the reader will enjoy a few surprises here.

You’ve got it, this is not my favourite genre but even with half-closed eyes eventually Carter got me hooked. His writing is clever, sheer brilliance. I just had to keep going to see how this story unfolded and certainly there were no disappointments. This is a weighty 497 page tome of which the dénouement gathers rapid pace during the course of the last 250 thrilling, mind-blowing pages – certainly a testament to David Carter’s writing skill. If I had a long slow climb to the action, I’ve never had a roller coaster ride to the end like it and we’re just talking about turning the pages of a book here. For those who enjoy a good thrilling mystery, yet again, I can but highly recommend this author, David Carter and this, his latest book.


I don’t usually read crime/thrillers but I do like a good gripping plot and really believable characters. This book has both and I was particularly impressed by the details of place from Hong Kong to Liverpool – the writer definitely knows England’s northwest inside out. Inspector Walter Darriteau manages to be hardworking, clever and endearingly human, much better than a lot of TV detectives I’ve seen. Also, it’s a good, long read – one to get into on dark winter nights.


One of the best Walter Darriteau stories yet! Thoroughly enjoyed this, so enjoyable and easy to read. Walter is by far my most favourite Inspector of any murder mystery I’ve read…thank you for another brilliant book David!

What they say about Inspector Walter Darriteau:

I cannot recommend this book enough. It is fun, exciting, humorous at times, and bloody and shocking at all the right moments.

Angie Martin  – Author of False Security & Conduit

I can’t say enough about this wonderfully crafted Inspector and his investigative team, or what a delight it was to read a novel that engages the reader from the first page to the last. David Carter is definitely a gifted writer Review



“The Twelfth Apostle” is a meaty novel running to around 500 pages, so if you enjoy English murder/mysteries, and want something that will keep you occupied for some time, then “The Twelfth Apostle” could be just the thing you are looking for.

It’s a standalone novel too that can be read just as it is, but if you would like to check out the previous two Walter Darriteau cases then don’t miss “The Murder Diaries – Seven Times Over” and “The Sound of Sirens”, while a fourth one, “Kissing a Killer” will be out soon.

You can catch up with all the news of David’s new books and read dozens of reviews and comment on his website at:

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