Authors Spotlight: Stephen Otabil


This work of creative nonfiction marks the fruition of years of intensive scholarship combined with assiduous observation on the part of author Stephen Otabil. Part exploration, part celebration of certain aspects of our common humanity, Out of MN. Eutopia: A Rare Journey into the Humanscape reflects the author’s life journey from his native Ghana to his adopted home in Minnesota. While couched in personal narrative, Otabil’s inquiry into a broad array of philosophical areas is destined to resonate with a wide circle of human interests.
“MNeutopia” is a portmanteau word joining “Minnesota,” a place filled with goodness, with “eutopia,” an uncommon term which signifies, in Otabil’s usage, a determinate earthly experience rather than an elusive ideal. It is in this unusual place where Otabil seeks that which defines our common humanity. And it is also where he identifies the founding principle in the aesthetic dimension of human experience.
From Ghana to Minnesota, from ethics to aesthetics, from a “new school of life” to the newfound realm of “interspecies communication,” guided by his muse, Otabil’s creative explorations dwell in a fascinating realm at the boundaries of ideas—where exciting new worldviews are born!

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About the Book:

A nonfiction work that celebrates  our common humanity, it seeks discovery  both of   what   connects   us   and   of what divides us. Guided by his Muse, the author explores the world of ideas and human interactions, touching on   a   range   of   philosophical subjects and breaking through boundaries that for centuries have defined who   we   are.   Drawing upon his life story,    he   engages in  intellectual flights of fancy that are yet firmly grounded in earthly experience.


About the Author: Stephen Otabil

An independent scholar and humanscpist, of a cosmopolitan bent—Ghana, Europe, USA, the author holds a Ph.D in the Humanities, with abiding interests in Ethics and Epistemology sustained by a dedication to lifelong learning and inquiry. A celebrant, too, of “cosmopolis” as a more utilitarian desirable in modernity than may have been entertained by the ancients, he claims, “Noetic Overtures” as a pragma for contemporary “Examined Living.”

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