Authors Spotlight: Simon Duringer

The Word Volume 1 by Simon Duringer


Have you ever fantasized about working alongside screen legends as their equal? What would it take to work for the same publisher as Dan Brown, or better still, to be nominated for and awarded an Oscar, Pulitzer, Emmy or Best Novel Award? How would an entertainer survive on a desert island with nobody to entertain…what keepsakes would companion them? What thoughts would cross your mind moments before death? Who inspires the inspirational; who do they hold high on a pedestal? Why do writers choose traditional publishing or independent publishing and vice versa?

The answers to these questions and so much more are contained within. With contributions from award winning novelists, directors, publishers and artists including;
Josephine Bailey, Martin Fletcher, Russell Blake, Giles Kristian, Doran Ingrham, Leigh Russell, Claude Bouchard, Phil Hogan, Tim Stevens, Rene Schultz, John Putnam, Matt Lynn, Paul Demeyer, Debra Salonen, Jake Needham, Robert Joseph Ahola, Garrard Hayes, Laura Taylor, James Becker, M J Summers, Ken Farmer & Buck Stienke, H Alan Day, Jack Hayes, Andrew Hughes, Michael Sherer, Alex Cord, Conn Iggulden, Jon King, Epilogue an interview with Author Simon Duringer by Matt Posner.

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Top Customer Reviews

on July 6, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is one of those fascinating collections of interviews of all manner of highly regarded creative people. Author/interviewer/well-known UK blogger Simon Duringer doesn’t ask cookie-cutter questions of his interview subjects. Clearly, he takes the time to consider just the right set of questions for each individual, thus providing readers with informative and compelling comments from the talented and well-known interviewees who represent a global cross-section of the arts. I was informed, entertained, and delighted as I read THE WORD: The Best of Simon’s 10Q Interviews. I think you will be, too! I’m also honored to have been included in Volume 1 of THE WORD. Enjoy! LT
on July 28, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
When I was asked to be interviewed for “The Word” I had no idea I would be in such illustrious company. Simon Dusty Duringer is unique both as an author and as an editor, because he is able to pull thoughts out of you that you were not yet aware that you had…and form them into a kind of sacred synergy that only great interviewers can create. Then he edits this into an anthology that can only be described as galvanizing. One feels uplifted and validated all at once. A truly exceptional reading experience.
on July 24, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition

in The Word, Simon Dusty Duringer offers us a real tour de force of networking and interviewing skills. He has put together a stunning roster of top-level authorial talent in many genres, especially crime and suspense fiction. If you like writers, there is not a dull page in this book; all the authors are at their best. His top ten questions are well-crafted to bring out their personalities, their personal histories, and their expertise, and believe me, every author has a lot of each. Simon and I have interviewed each other (my interview of him appears in this book) and I can testify to his use of skillful questioning as well as profuse charm to pull things together.

Simon has added a charitable donation to the many reasons to purchase this book. If you find writers fascinating — and you will, in this case — then go on and hit that purchase button.

I received an advance review copy of this book at my request from the author, with whom I am professionally connected.

The Word volume 2 by Simon Duringer


An anthology of sorts including interviews with; Susan Wingate, Denise Kahn, Catriona King, Georgia Melaris, Dawn Kopman Whidden, Morgan St James, Marilyn Holdsworth, Matt Pallamary, Alex von Tunzelmann, Imogen Robertson, Natalie Haynes, Michael King, Ron Felber, Rachel Abbott, Robyn Young, Gary Haynes, Claudia Whitsitt, Matt Posner, Bella Capo, Rosanne Dingli, Dani Weiser, Cliff Roberts, Rita Chapman, Gary Edward Gedall, E H Brown, SAtephen F Clegg, Marianne Azizi, Joseph M Rinaldo, D R Ransdell, Karen Azinger, Deborah Doucette, James F Coyle, Warren Pope and finally Gerald Freeman.

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Top Customer Reviews

on December 30, 2014
With his quick sense of humor, Simon Duringer’s Book Lovers blog is a delight. Now he has drawn some of his best interviews with authors to create this book. He has a way of introducing unexpected questions to those he interviews, many of them are just just plain fun. This is a book you can pick up and read for whatever time span you have available, and gain interesting insights to authors you may or may not know about. I definitely recommend it.

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2 thoughts on “Authors Spotlight: Simon Duringer

  1. What an amazing idea for a book! Thanks for doing the review! I’ll be publishing this spring and I know that my journey has been a lot about learning from others in making the choices I have made on my writing path. I think this would be a good and inspiring read.


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