Authors Spotlight: Lissa Dobbs

The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III

The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III is a series of books for early to mid-elementary school children. It takes place in the world of Grevared, a world that exists in a formless void space. Ethan Grimley III is a twelve-year-old boy from Land’s End in the country of Moirena. He goes to school at the Arcana Maximus, and he helps his mother in her bakery. Most of his evenings are spent in the town square playing kickball with his friends.

However, Ethan chooses to help and stranger, and he’s pulled into a world he never thought existed. He has to learn to wield the Harpe of Gaia, given to him by an ancient goddess, and he has to leave his home in Land’s End and travel to the country of Corleon, where the Shadow Walker guild is housed. Here Ethan meets new friends and learns to use the powers he’s been gifted with.

The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III series is written on about a third grade reading level. The text is double spaced for easier reading for students who are intimidated by chapter books. It is targeted for children around eight or nine, though some may feel the reading level is too high, particularly because there aren’t a lot of age appropriate books for more advanced young readers. On the other end of the spectrum, the story line is designed to hold the interest of children up to age 12, so it can be presented to older reluctant readers as well.

A Walker is Born (The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III Book 1)


Ethan Grimley is just like everyone else in Land’s End in Moirena. He helps his mother make deliveries for her bakery, he attends school at the Arcana Maximus, and he enjoys hanging out with his friends.

But Ethan has a secret, one others want to know. When a stranger grabs him in the town square, Ethan runs, but it isn’t enough. Whether he likes it or not, Ethan is now part of a world he never knew existed, and life can never go back to what it was.

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The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: Cronus Attacks


Ethan Grimley III was given the Harpe of Gaia when he stepped forward to save a friend. Now he must leave his home in Land’s End and travel to the country of Corleon. There he must join the Shadow Walker guild and learn what it means to be a Shadow Walker.

But shortly after his arrival the guild hall is attacked. No one knows who is attacking or why, but Ethan is determined to find out and to protect his new friends and home. He heads out into the streets of Ymla to find the mysterious attacker and put a stop to his plans, even though he isn’t sure where he’s going of how to use his powers.

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The Chronicles of Ethan Grimley III: Revenge of Cronus


Ethan has finally settled into his life as a Shadow Walker, but as Yuletide approaches he’s looking forward to visiting his family and friends back in Land’s End. And the best part? His new friends are going with him!

But life as a Shadow Walker is full of unsuspected surprises, and a new student at the Shadow Walker school brings an enemy into their ranks. Ethan and his friends now have to decide whether or not to trust the new kid.

When Cronus again rears his head, Yuletide plans are put on hold while Ethan and the others deal with the threat to Land’s End, but Ethan meets another obstacle doesn’t like his new life.

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About The Author: Lissa Dobbs


I’ve always been a book junkie, particularly fantasy. I spent most of my teenage years in Raymond E. Feist’s Midkemia, and it’s still the one place I most want to visit. Middle Earth, Narnia, and the Four Lands have always been some of my favorite vacation spots. And, of course, we can’t forget the years at Hogwarts and all the times we had to deal with the wizard council in Chicago. Anywhere and everywhere magic can be real is where I want to be. Always and forever.

I think that’s one of the biggest reasons I write. I love to create worlds, to ask ‘what if?’. There’s nothing better than taking some half-formed idea for a person and tossing him/her into a world I wish were real just to see what will happen. (I don’t care what anyone says, the author isn’t always in control). Bringing creatures to life, fighting monsters, wielding magic. All of these things can exist in a book when the ‘real’ world just can’t seem to figure out how to make them work. There’s nothing better in the world, and I don’t think there ever will be.

Most of my books and stories have some basis in mythology and folklore. This is an area that’s always captured my interest, and I think too many of us have forgotten the wisdom and lessons embodied in these tales. While I don’t want my work to simply be a retelling of the stories, and I’m quite willing to add my own twist to any of the tales, I do hope that at least some will look further into the topic after getting a taste of it in my books.

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About Grevared

In the year 2015 scientists at a secret hadron supercollider deep beneath the Antarctic ice sheets succeeded in recreating the Big Bang. In their joy over this accomplishment, they failed to realize that their creation was unstable and growing fast. It exploded, taking the universe with it, but the destruction didn’t stop there. The blast moved through all planes – the seven heavens and the seven hells – and destroyed all. What little remained was knocked into a formless void space where the known laws no longer applied.

For centuries, all creatures fought copies of themselves, for the dimensions were affected as well, until only one survived. Each race had to find a place to live and figure out how to survive. The gods, though they could no longer take corporeal form, assisted with creating havens where the

beings of the universe – angel, demon, human, and fairy – could recover and learn to live again. This collection of lands eventually became known as Grevared, a place where magic and mystery are real, and where little is what it seems.

Other Work By Lissa Dobbs:

The Annals of The Shadow Walkers: Wolf In The Shadow


The Annals of the Shadow Walkers is a series of novellas that introduces the main Shadow Walker characters in their early twenties. These are short tales intended to be quick reads, and they are appropriate for readers ages 16 and up.

The Annals of the Shadow Walkers doesn’t follow a particular character. Instead, it shows glimpses of several different characters.

The Annals of the Shadow Walkers: Wolf in the Shadow

Something is killing the good folks of Black Crystal. People are missing, and the few remains discovered are unidentifiable. The sheriff calls in the Shadow Walkers, for they are experts at weird and completely expendable.

Timothy Hawkins, Eleanor Hestenfield, and Justin Harper arrive in Black Crystal to deal with the threat, but what they find is far more than they expected. For the forest holds a secret, one unknown even to the townsfolk, and in less than a day the Shadow walkers are presented with an undeniable truth that makes the thing in the forest the least of their worries.

Works In Progress

I’m currently working on several different projects, though I can’t say when they will be finished:

The Diary of Gwennyth Grimsbane: Gwennyth Grimsbane has lived her entire life in Crowrest in E’ma Thalas. When her mother Ravyn, leader of the wizards, transposes forms, she leaves Gwennyth with a cryptic note and instructions for a quest. Thinking it nothing more than Ravyn’s usual melodrama, Gwennyth ignores the note until the magic of the wizards of E’ma Thalas starts to fade. Now, Gwennyth must race against time to locate the goddess Aradia and discover the secret that only her mother knew.

River of Blood: Not everyone in Grevared is a Shadow Walker, and Erastus Hallowell is one of those who isn’t. Born and raised in the town of Newpost in the Shizzuria Wasteland, Erastus is content with his life until he learns a secret about himself and his parentage that changes everything. A horrible mistake forces Erastus to flee his home and forge a new life out on the

wasteland. It is in this frozen wilderness that he discovers the truth about himself and comes to grips with all that has come before.

Darkmoor Thunder: Sophia Theodosia Snettisham is the daughter of Theodore Snettisham, governor of Starspire. As such, she is to be an example to all around, and she is expected to do what is needed to secure her father’s position. However, when he informs her that she will marry Marcus Pickleberry, Theo throws a fit and takes off into the streets of Starspire. There she meets Alexandra Jessamine Cosgrove, a Shadow Walker aboard the Darkmoor Thunder, who just happens to look just like her. The two girls compare notes and realize that they may have more in common than they thought. Theo convinces Jess to let her join the Darkmoor Thunder, and the two girls head off to discover if they resemble each other by accident or if there is more to it than that.

The Diary of Cashile Gambalena: Cashile is part of the Lilokirachi, a group of wanderers who inhabit Corleon. She is a beloved daughter and has been blessed with the offer to learn with the leader of the clan. But something changes all this, and Cashile is made a prisoner in her own life.




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